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Halo 14 - Side B

Super Mario World Hacks → Halo 14 - Side B

Submission Details

Name: Halo 14 - Side B
Authors: LightAligns, Saela
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Halo 14 Side B is a short, intermediate hack focused on fast paced and challenging platforming.

Our goal was to have chocolate gimmicks while still keeping the levels fair and readable.

We hope you check it out and have fun!

Special thanks to SJAndCharlieTheCat for all the work that was put into the FluxBaseRom which was used for this hack, to Spooonsss who did the coding for the boss, and to Stucat_ for the amazing artwork. And of course, thank you to everyone who has worked on ports, ASM, patches, blocks, sprites, helped on discords and forums, etc. None of this would be possible without the countless hours the community as a whole has put into it.

No puzzles. No secrets.

The Way Out Is Through

Version 1.04 changes
- Afterglow - Change to improve alignment
- Hatred - Adjustment at end of section two to prevent throwblock breaking
- Sugarbread - Fixed slight spawn inconsistency and removed the kaizo block
- A few other small tweaks throughout
Tags: asm custom boss exgfx lore music
Comments: 10 (jump to comments)
4.8 (5 ratings)
No rating
Download 3.68 MiB | 444 downloads


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Comments (10)

Retr0_Dave Link
Originally posted by Saela
Thanks so much for playing our hacks and making the clear videos! Glad you've been enjoying them!

You’re welcome, and thanks again for making the amazing hacks! My plan is to play Jouhou next, then Invictus to celebrate my 25th All Clears project, and then to start on all of your solo hacks!
Retr0_Dave Link
As predicted Halo 14 - Side B was a total treat! Out of Ascension, Side A, and Side B; I definitely had the most fun with this one. As I tweeted out my adventure over the past week, I received other positive feedback of the hack from others in the community including:

“Side B is AMAZING. That is one of my top 5 favs of all time no questions.” - jquery861

“Halo 14 Side B slaps so fucking hard” - BennyKaPow

I felt this hack was the easiest of the three, but the most fun. All of the new gimmicks were amazing, and the throwback to the previous two hacks with the fast vertical auto scroller levels and the gun level were definitely great additions.

Do yourself a favor and play everything LightAligns and Saela make, you won’t be disappointed!

Final Rating = 5/5 - A must play!
(Review based on version 1.0 of the hack)

Saela Author Link
Thanks so much for playing our hacks and making the clear videos! Glad you've been enjoying them!
 Fernap Link
Missed this when it was first uploaded, but I just grabbed it and have been really enjoying it. I did notice though, that in Afterglow, Mario's got the always-face-forward pose like in some other levels that have special movement mechanics, but it doesn't seem to fit for this level...was that just an oversight, or was it intended?
Saela Author Link
Thanks for playing, glad you're enjoying it!
Yeah that's intended, we just thought it was funny.
 Fernap Link
Ah okay, just curious :)
Drukqs From older version: Halo 14 - Side B Link
I can't bring myself to say how much I disliked "Marchromt30A" for some reason...
Loved the rest of the hack. Really enjoyed the mechanics in the final level.
giganticbucket From older version: Halo 14 - Side B Link
Loved the hack! The chocolate mechanics were fun and interesting across the board. Their containing levels were really well designed to play to their strengths, resulting in a diverse set of layouts and experiences. I had a blast. Also, big props for the accessibility considerations for colorblind folks. Congrats!
Noob From older version: Halo 14 - Side B Link
Very challenging hack. I have to admit, it was a horrifying experience with so much difficulty, especially the last level (that tested a lot of nerves!!!), but I found the level design very artificial, maybe because I like vanilla hacks more, like Salty Sagan, Kaizo Mario World and Super Cheer World. But, because of the gameplay, 4 stars and a good job on the upcoming hacks.
Blaagon From older version: Halo 14 - Side B Link
Another banger hack! GG! #lm{maskmode}