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TEN A-Side

Super Mario World Hacks → TEN A-Side

Submission Details

Name: TEN A-Side
Author: Big Brawler
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: Revival/Reboot of my old hack from 2017. TEN is a complete overhaul of said hack. First shown at the Summer C3 of 2022 this hack features new designs and an updated coat of paint from some levels. This was a work of 1 month and kept delaying the release all the way to today to balance some stuff.

After years of abandoning the last challenge, Mario hears about a Jewel so precious but hard to get. Now he embarks on a new journey full of perils. Can he make it out alive?

October 11 Edit:
-Added more Power-ups in 'Waku Waku'
-Nerfed and tweaked level 'Dead Man's Drop'

December 21 Edit:
-Added Retry to some levels
-Added more Power-ups in 'Devil's Garden'
-Fixed a Message box in "Home Sweet Home"

December 25 Edit:
-Fixed a secondary exit in level 1
Tags: asm exgfx long level music no boss traditional
Comments: 15 (jump to comments)
4.0 (7 ratings)
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Download 1.20 MiB | 2,636 downloads


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Comments (15)

Boosius Link
Very well made hack! I enjoyed playing a lot. I especially enjoyed the bonus levels. Nice job! #smrpg{<3}
JetWing34 From older version: TEN Link
"Anti-Sushi" is unbeatable. Once you cross the finish tape and after the point-tally drum roll, the big fish consumes you and you instantly die.

Please remove the big fish when you get the chance.
Big Brawler Author From older version: TEN Link
Ah yes, that one segment, I left clues on how to avoid the fish to the 'Left'

Solution: Get close to the Goal tape and Scroll Screen with L, Also, a Yellow Pipe showed up near the Midpoint because of this trick.
NatsuFireball From older version: TEN Link
A wonderful hack of the kind, with very neat level design and innovative ennemies and challenges !

Difficulty is very had indeed, but cleverly balanced so that levels are always beatable, sometimes in a little Die & Retry fashion.

Last level in particular has 4 very hard sections but midways are very innovative so that you can directly return to the last section from the true midway. A big GGs for this !

My only complaint is that you have to backtrack a little too much, and overworld pipes are quite frustrating for that process.
Also, 10 lives are not enough and you are not provided an easy life farm till the very end game.

You truly get the feeling of accomplishment when beating that last level, indicating a cleverly designed game in terms of difficulty, not getting overwhelmed by insane difficult parts.

10/10 (5 stars) for this TEN game =] Thank you very much !
rafaelfutbal From older version: TEN Link
One question: There are no rules to two or more SMW hacks with the same name? Is this a not problem?
 Ayami From older version: TEN Link
there isn't a rule like that indeed, and absolutely isn't a problem
it's only up to the authors to name their hacks the way they want and no rule should interfere with that (obviously not counting inappropriate words and whatnot)

the only disadvantage is when people search for the hack in third party sites (like youtube), they probably would need to specify the year or author too
(btw if you want examples of hacks named exactly the same, search for "Mario's Epic Adventure" or "Bowser's Revenge", but there are a few more too)
Big Brawler Author From older version: TEN Link
Strange. It should be the new file now. Thanks for pointing it out
Green Jerry From older version: TEN Link
Uh, you simply reuploaded the demo 2 patch from the original hack. The file size is the same, and the modified date is from 2017.
 Anorakun From older version: TEN Link
It is not that he reuploaded the demo 2 patch. Either the zip file was not uploaded or Big Brawler probably got Cloudflared. The cache from Cloudflare takes a while to update, so if you update a submission and the file has the same name as the previous one, it won't update right away. That is why I and other Graphic moderators recommend people to change zip file names, so they don't get caught by the weird cache bug from Cloudflare, while we moderate graphic stuff, for example.
SuperMario198 From older version: The New Challenge of Big Brawler Link
I love how the Nintendo Presents sound is Vinesauce Joel saying "WHO'S BEEN DICKS?" Very very funny.
Samuroy From older version: The New Challenge of Big Brawler Link
Should probably be in the Hard category but it is a great hack. It did catch me off guard during my live stream though.
Anas From older version: The New Challenge of Big Brawler Link
I'm curious. Why you're saying you want us to suffer? What'd we do to you?
Big Brawler Author From older version: The New Challenge of Big Brawler Link
That caption is a reference to futurama, in my most recent hacks that captions are references to futurama (Captions of the intros)
Klug From older version: The New Challenge of Big Brawler Link
"Coming soon to an illegal .smc"

MrDeePay From older version: The New Challenge of Big Brawler Link
Aside from two issues in Kamek Path/Night in the Forest, what you got is purdy good. Those two issues being (1) a complete lack of any visible power-ups in the first half of the level while the second half has three counting the checkpoint and (2) an end-of-jump enemy encounter in the first half; the sliding Koopa that's encountered.

Take care of those two bits and you should be set.