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Sauna Mario World

Super Mario World Hacks → Sauna Mario World

Submission Details

Name: Sauna Mario World
Author: pnaha
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 15 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Hey! This is my first hack. I wanted to make a kaizo hack with few item tricks, and with obstacles that aren’t very tight. I tried my best to keep the obstacles fair, fun, and as easily readable as possible.

Chocolate mechanics are mostly limited to slightly edited vanilla sprites and things you’ve probably already seen in tons of other hacks. The only unmarked invisible blocks are in the title screen, and shell jumps are very limited.

No secret exits or switch palaces. The only secrets are portrait rooms mostly featuring some of my favourite SMW content creators.

I also made a trailer:
I hope you have fun playing this. I sure had a lot of fun making it.

Version 1.4: A lot of small fixes to smooth out issues I noticed while watching playthroughs. Reworked a couple obstacles to make levels flow a bit better. Nerfed some sections, for example the first part of Banging Blocks. Thanks for all the feedback! :)
Tags: asm less exgfx music traditional
Comments: 17 (jump to comments)
4.9 (11 ratings)
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Comments (17)

walkingstickofbutter Link
Challenging yet smooth. Great replay value#tb{:D}
2pvenezuela Link
amazing hack
LightAligns Link
Very fun hack! Great platforming, easy to read, and nothing felt unfair or frustrating.
The_Uber_Camper From older version: Sauna Mario World Link
Wow! What an incredible hack, and to think it's your first just blows my mind!

This is quite possibly the best hack I've ever played, it's certainly in the top 5.

The ending section with the screenwrap and running orb is likely the coolest and best feeling section of a level I have ever played in any game ever, seriously!
YouFailMe Link
Solid first hack. All of the levels are well built and well tested. My main criticism is that there's a heavy reliance on falling gray platforms. There must be 50+ two/four tile falling gray platforms in the hack. This made a lot of levels feel very similar since they're used in mostly the same ways in each level. Aside from that there is not much else to complain about. Good work!
MellowYouth From older version: Sauna Mario World Link
wow, this was a damn fine hack. #smw{:peace:} the setups felt polished, creative, and each level had a unique feeling instead of "more of the same".
2022 was such a good year for approachable intermediate hacks. i really enjoy this intro to intermediate level difficulty that recent creators have shined a spotlight on.

thank you for making this!
snomangaming From older version: Sauna Mario World Link
Loved this hack so much I started speedrunning it. It feels like Riff World 2 (my faovrite hack!) but at a much lower difficulty, making it possible for me to run, haha! Congrats, its truly a fantastic (mostly) vanilla hack!
Tiroler From older version: Sauna Mario World Link
Absolutely fantastic hack. Enjoyed every level.
zer0mavrick From older version: Sauna Mario World Link
Great hack. It's not overly difficult and is just over all satisfying to play.
tobson From older version: Sauna Mario World Link
I had a fantastic time with this. Even the water level was a joy to play!
will___ From older version: Sauna Mario World Link
Really fun, polished hack! A lot of creative obstacles too without them feeling overly contrived. Difficulty is lowish intermediate but it does have longer than average sections for a hack of this style (which I enjoyed)

I do think I inadvertently cheesed the final level by
grabbing the orb too early... I was just trying to grab it as soon as possible but as I did the post-goal walk it looked like there was some more level
Malloc_ From older version: Sauna Mario World Link
Quite a lot of fun, and very impressive for your first hack. Nice work.
GarryJFehr From older version: Sauna Mario World Link
Man i loved this hack. Its my favorite hack since Luminescent. Very good job dude, loved it!!!!
Neuromancer From older version: Sauna Mario World Link
Very fun hack!
OhMuramatsu From older version: Sauna Mario World Link
Hi! Loved playing your kaizo! Simply amazing, with cool challenges! I had a problem in the last level, 11C, because I could collect the ORB at the beginning of the level and thus skip the whole challenge. I thought the red grid would kill me instantly, but no, I managed to collect it and pass the level. Anyway, good job!
pnaha Author From older version: Sauna Mario World Link
Thank you so much for letting me know! I thought I tried everything to cheese it. I'll fix it in v1.2. Also, spoiler alert for the last level.
OnlySpaghettiCode From older version: Sauna Mario World Link
Super fun hack! Lots of tight platforming with unique setups and a very nice flow. GGs on such a great first hack!

Only other thing I'd mention is that a few songs felt noticeably louder than the rest of the levels, namely the tracks in Dolphin Drain, Serena, and the final OW.