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Eikro: The Children of Darloum

Super Mario World Hacks → Eikro: The Children of Darloum

Submission Details

Name: Eikro: The Children of Darloum
Author: Jordan
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 19 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Eikro: The Children of Darloum is a story focused kaizo hack.

I hope you have fun and enjoy your time in Vamral!

• Lore
• Saves on all screen transitions and midways
• Short section lengths
• Custom and Original artworks and graphics
Tags: custom character eikro exgfx music non-mario story
Comments: 9 (jump to comments)
5.0 (9 ratings)
No rating
Download 1.83 MiB | 248 downloads


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Comments (9)

DonWafle Link
I came here just after finishing the hack, let's divide the review to make it more precise but first, my overall coments: Loved the hack, it has this unique component that makes a "Jordan hack" a Jordan hack, great use of all the resources:

Such a wonderful story, very intriguing, is told in a way that you become part of it, very good storytelling

I liked the setups, all of them, in some short instances I felt like the gaps were too narrow, but just some, nothing to worry about.

Outstanding use of custom Graphics including the Eikro Sprite, loved it.

PS: if you haven't finished it yet, don't open the spoiler
pretty excited to know what happens next!
evil0 Link
A masterpiece and an absolute masterclass of romhacking potential! This was so much fun to play!
solemnstorm Link
Looks and plays great! There are a few special level mechanics sprinkled in (I really enjoyed the castle one), but for the most part the levels flow very similarly to each other. I did enjoy this style, though the hack could have been a little shorter without losing too much.
LightAligns Link
Super fun fast placed platforming with amazing aesthetics and awesome presentation. Definitely a memorable experience!
BallisticAristocrat Link
I've played through this a few times and Jordan continues to deliver. Such a treat!
GiraffeKiller Link
Of course it's amazing. All the same Jordan beats are still there, just absolutely covered in beautiful custom graphics and lore. Love it.
HotZin Link
Lovely aesthetics with a story to keep you engaged as you progress, and fairly forgiving when it comes to length and checkpoints while still remaining a great challenge. Great hack!
SteamyPanini Link
Eikro my hero! What a special, fun and good looking hack. Also; THE LORE! All in all, masterpiece, must play. GG Jordan! #smw{:TUP:}
neidoodle Link
this hack is truly something special #w{<3} The overall theme, aesthetics and lore are wonderful and coherent. Along with that you will get your typical, distinct Jordan-leveldesign with a slight step up in difficulty from The Unknown or Everything Is Not All Right. A must play for all the slightly more experienced kaizo lovers out there!