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Hammer Time

Super Mario World Hacks → Hammer Time

Submission Details

Name: Hammer Time
Author: dropthehammer2
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 23 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: My first hack. Should be a fun hack with some cool and unique concepts for levels.

Most of the levels use custom graphics and music.

Not designed to be a grind but enjoyable.

Updated to 1.2 (11/24/2022)

V1.3 Update (11/27/2022)
- updated backgrounds for easier visibility
- switch palaces and fortress destroy on clear (updated exit count to 22)
- final boss event counter fixed
- minor level adjustments

V1.4 Update (11/28/2022)
- Level updates to Kooky Keys and Water Works
- Modified graphics for a cleaner appearance
- Updated number of exits

V1.5 (12/19/2022)
- Minor updates to a few levels
- Made changes to Eerie Eeries to make the difficulty of the level match that of the hack
- Added any % credits
- Added an additional boss at the end of the star world (an additional exit)
- Included a title screen screenshot in the zip

*** Some players have experienced an issue with exits saving after the final castle. ***
Tags: asm custom boss exgfx music
Comments: 15 (jump to comments)
3.7 (6 ratings)
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Comments (15)

zer0mavrick Link
I stopped after finishing the final boss that leads to the special world. I couldn't get myself to actually continue playing it. No offense to the creator because it's clear that they worked hard and are continuing to update the hack. In my opinion, the levels felt somewhat bland and just didn't give enough of a reason for me to continue playing. PS: The final boss randomly glitches and stops attacking, but will keep moving around.
serakeri Link
Replayed 100% on 1.5 after wiping the save file and all 23 exits saved fine this time. My old save file might have just been glitched, but I'm not sure.
evil0 Link
Very enjoyable hack! Finished it in 2 days.

Plenty of variety between the worlds/levels with intuitive level design and good "flow".
serakeri From older version: Hammer Time Link
Enjoyed the hack the only issue I had on v1.5 was not saving any exits past 15. After 100% I tried to beat the castle again to save but it was still stuck at 15.
uropsalis From older version: Hammer Time Link
It was okay. Decided to move on before finishing Eerie Eeeries level.
Mangrich From older version: Hammer Time Link
All that complained about losing there saves that is on you not on the game if you would have done the update right like you are suppose to for every game that gets an update you would not of lost it. I am sorry but he also did a fantastic good for his first hack.
Drukqs From older version: Hammer Time Link
It was the latest version (1.4) at that time and eerie eeeries is a very frustrating level to lose all of your progress. Anyways not complaining just reporting so he can fix it and other people can wait before playing.
Drukqs From older version: Hammer Time Link
I lost all my exits after the Eerie level. Playing on SNES9X.
dropthehammer2 Author From older version: Hammer Time Link
Yo I'm sorry about that. This is the first I've heard of saves going missing after Eerie Eeeries. There was an issue with this happening after The Hammer in versions before 1.4 but the issue was corrected with that release.
DocCzekaj From older version: Hammer Time Link
I'm playing 1.4 and I lost 7 exits due to save file deleting on my NT. I was in the
Eerie level of special world
and had to quit for the day. My save did not make it.
lincolnic From older version: Hammer Time Link
I'm not sure if I played version 1.1 or 1.2 - the download file says 1.2, but the title screen says 1.1. Seems like the hack is still broken in a few places, some worse than others:

-No save prompt after the main exit of Fox's Fountain.
-No save prompt after Water Works.
-After clearing the
motor skills
level in special world, I saved in the save prompt and reset my console (Super NT) to check my exit count. Where I was expecting to see 17 or 18 exits, my save file only showed 13 and I was indeed back at The Hammer.

Losing 4 or 5 exits of progress was enough to make me turn off the hack, but it was a pretty chill time until that happened. Hope you can fix those bugs!
dropthehammer2 Author From older version: Hammer Time Link
Thanks for the feedback. The was a 1.3 and, most currently a 1.4, which is in moderation that addresses all of those issues.
Neuromancer From older version: Hammer Time Link
Fun hack!
deported From older version: Hammer Time Link
the hack breaks on the level called "Satisfying Switches". it doesnt give you an exit, so you cant make any progress
dropthehammer2 Author From older version: Hammer Time Link
Thanks for the heads up. Seems something went weird for a few levels. I've fixed and updated to 1.1