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Coldsweat and Tears

Super Mario World Hacks → Coldsweat and Tears

Submission Details

Name: Coldsweat and Tears
Author: Blaagon
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: This started off as a low effort vanilla project, where I would make each level in a day. But I liked the levels so much I decided to put more effort into it.

This hack contains ten (10) short one-section levels. Many setups can be quite obtuse and many abuse glitches. I suggest watching the clear video here if you find yourself stuck or confused:

Special thanks to MegaScott for helping this look beautiful and Fyre150 for helping this sound beautiful.
Tags: custom music fail world glitch goon nation less exgfx
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5.0 (7 ratings)
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Comments (15)

Jikurein Pinned Link
Cold sweat and tears,
A mix of fear and pain,
My heart races as I face,
The unknown once again.

Memories flood my mind,
Of past mistakes and regrets,
I try to push them back,
But they refuse to forget.

The tears fall like rain,
As I struggle to find my way,
Through the darkness and the cold,
That threaten to steal my day.

But I know I must keep going,
With cold sweat and tears on my face,
For only through these struggles,
Will I find my rightful place.

schema_tuna Pinned Link
BabaYegha Pinned Link
A deliberate surprise
A shove from the back
while creating artwork
in my second-grade class
Perhaps an ocean scene
A distant angry memory
of my eight-year-old
Fryinb Link
fun hack
BoozeWash Link
deported Link
B2De Link
Scags Link
But who is 😰
mmBeefStew Link
YouFailMe Link
Abdu Link
Oh nah you cookin fr😰😭
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