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Meet The Balkans (Demo)

Super Mario World Hacks → Meet The Balkans (Demo)

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Comments (4)

UlticraftMTT Link
Played a little of this, and so far, it's pretty good. Some of the level design is rough around the edges but it was quite enjoyable. It's pretty cool to see a hack reminiscent of "Mario Goes to Brazil" that instead focuses on the Balkans. Quick question, where is "Kalester"? I couldn't find anything other than a town named "Kaleste" which is in Estonia, a Baltic country, not a Balkan country.
thomasthemend Link
hey from serbia here love this idea if you need help reach out
karls_Corinthia Author Link
Due to the difficulty of the second level is too big, the future I will be modified to make the level more simple!
If you have any questions, you can give feedback directly.Thank you for your playing!
OmarLukovic Link
I haven't played this hack yet, but it looks pretty good! It was interesting to see Podgorica on one of the screenshots because my family is from Montenegro. I can't wait to play this!