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Paper Mario Hammer

SMW Sprites → Paper Mario Hammer

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Comments (6)

The WHG Modz Link
i think this will work with my romhack. thanks
DarknessRises Link
Maybe try to make it more noticeable that you have the power up and it would be much better, but its still good.
Raggy Link
placed the EXGFX into SP4, but it turns out the placed sprite (Before I pick up the hammer) wants to use tiles in SP3, specifically one of the frames for a Yoshi fireball.
TheBiob Link
Updated to use shared subroutines, also added tags and screenshots.
masterninja7 Link
when i tried to insert the sprite i got an error message saying "MAIN label not found" why is this?
SMWCJullasicFox Link
What SP# do those go in? Or is it dynamic?
EDIT: NVM. You should really put that it is SP4.