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Bounce Block Coin Collection Fix

SMW Patches → Bounce Block Coin Collection Fix

Submission Details

Name: Bounce Block Coin Collection Fix
Author: MarioFanGamer
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: No
Bug Fix: Yes
Featured: No
Description: A simple patch which fixes bounce blocks (e.g. note and ?-blocks) so any coin they collect don't leave a solid block behind.
Note that if you want to enable turn blocks from collecting coins, you have to apply Turn Blocks Collect Coins which, due to its nature, comes with this fix included.

In addition, this fix uses freespace in bank 2.
Tags: bounce block coin lorom sa-1
Comments: 4 (jump to comments)
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Comments (4)

 Ayami Link
so, how is this different or better than using directly the hex edits, given that they don't use freespace?
 MarioFanGamer Author Link
Policies: The ROM Map didn't just document the ROM itself for developers but as you know also used to host hex edits which is rather unwieldy which is why the tweaks section was created. However, tweaks can't use any freespace whatsoever even if it's empty data in the original ROM so the only alternative is to submit it as a patch.

A side effect with using a patch is that you can easily change the freespace block as you'd need to manually adjust the jump destination with a hex edit.
Moltz Link
Doing the suggested hex edit causes an issue with PIXI 1.40 in which the tool doesn't let you insert sprites due to thinking the rom previously used a newer version of the tool instead (which isn't an actual thing as of this post, but happens 'cause the tool adds some hijacks in that exact adress).

Using this patch let's you avoid that issue entirely.
 Maarfy Link
This fix has been floating around for ages, it's nice to finally place it in the section proper. Accepted.

Tested with Asar 1.81, Lunar Magic 3.33, SA-1 1.40, Snes9x 1.59.2, BSNES Accuracy 0.7.1.