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good old days 2

Super Mario World Hacks → good old days 2

Submission Details

Name: good old days 2
Author: OEO6
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: Hi!

good old days continues with all its quirks and ugliness!

GOLDA is the abbreviation of the hack name.

There are no map16 edits, no custom graphics and sprites. It has a completely old-school design.

Some patches have been used. (noLR, retry, no more sprite tile limits, double spin anti fail, extended level names, endless life etc.)

There are old-school glitches and gimmicks in the levels.

Tags: gimmick glitch music vanilla
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Comments (4)

monnomez Link
Not very enjoyable, tbh.
Kimota Link
Very enjoyable. Levels primarily center on creative vanilla puzzle platforming, drawing inspiration from hacks by the JUMP Team and its members. This hack should probably have another tag of Kaizo: Intermediate, as most levels must be executed in the precise intended way without room for error. Anyway, I look forward to GOLDA 3.
cacaman200 Link
what a good game
Nitrogen Link
Wonderful little hack, I enjoyed it a lot! While I didn't play the first hack of the 'good old days' serie, I saw some playthroughs/streams of it and it caught my attention by all the creative ideas it pulled off only with using Lunar Magic and nothing else (aside custom music, retry and extended level names patches): I can clearly say its sequel didn't disappoint.

A great majority of the levels relies on various quirks, glitches and unusual behavior of SMW and offers a lot of really creative gimmicks: if some of them could be easily recreated trivially with ASM like the ones from
poltergeist's chandeliers
Journey of the Coward Plumber
for example, the fact they are purely vanilla is just fantastic and this is what makes the hack shine. There's also some levels like
Scarlet Sadge Hoarder
rancid constellation swamp
where the gimmick doesn't rely on glitches but rather on 'normal behaviour' of SMW (e.g.
Scarlet Sadge Hoarder asking to the juggle between a fire flower on the item box and a lot of mushrooms to prevent the latter to be in the item box)
and still offer interesting applications. There's finally levels like
plain stadium chaos
mansion of impetuous clocks
that you could find on rather traditional hacks and still had a lot of charm and offered some kind of rest compared to the gimmicky levels. If I had to give my favorite levels, it would be
Scarlet Sadge Hoarde with its simple concept yet it offers a lot of opportunity
as well as
Ghost Ferris Wheel's Funfair with its absolutely horrible and janky concept that still worked very nicely

Speaking of glitches, be aware that the hack almost takes for granted the knowledge of glitches: while some of them are taught for the get-go or are noticeable pretty quickly even if you didn't see them before, a few of them may take you by surprise (to give an example for me,
pressing up or down to eat various caped koopas with Yoshi depending of their height in Journey of the Coward Plumber
). That being said, there's a lot to learn about glitches and I'm glad I played the hack just for this.

On top of that, the hack offers a lot of clever setups and puzzles (especially in the last two levels), where you're more likely to ask yourself 'wait, did I miss something?' before the 'aha' moment. What I also adored in this hack is that it has personality, A LOT of personality (which is something I already expected from OEO6 after playing various levels from him): the overworld is really cute with its small touches for each level (e.g.
star warp and vines tiles for rancid constellation swamp
) despite being purely vanilla which adds to the charm. Some levels made me giggle with the silly albeit memorable level names and aesthetic/music choices (
Ghost Ferris Wheel's Funfair
being my favorite level name and
rancid constellation swamp
having the best overall aesthetics, these two made me laugh). It's always a pleasure to see someone pouring love and personality in their works, so great job on that!

That being said, my only complaint on the hack would be there's some parts that I found too tight, e.g.
the end of both sections of Scarlet Sadge Hoarder where getting the mushroom then the fire flower in the item box requires a really precise timing (unless I'm not aware of something particular)
as well as
the end of the first section of rancid constellation swamp

Hopefully this review didn't end to be too long (I'm pretty sure it is lol), but yeah, I really liked this hack! Big recommend if you search something with a lot of personality of clever ideas in a small package. Looking forward a potential third game of the 'good old days' serie or a new production by OEO6!