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Mario's Evil Level

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario's Evil Level

Submission Details

Name: Mario's Evil Level
Author: Mapsking
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Type: Tool-Assisted: Kaizo
Description: Mario's Evil Level (MEL) is a Kaizo hack originally made and released in 2009-2010, a much different era of design and gameplay sensibilities for what was still an emerging genre of SMW romhacks. At that time it won the Hardest/Longest Level subcategory of the very first KLDC. MEL is not possible to complete without save states, but all the individual tricks are RTA beatable at 100% speed without additional tools.

If you find it too difficult, feel free to use slowdown to beat it though.

MEL does not require glitch abuse, and mostly consists of very precise and difficult platforming.

MEL has been modified slightly from its original release, and now includes an optional Visibility Mode to make identifying harmful tiles more easy. The Original Mode is available for those who want to play it as it was originally intended to be played. Good luck, whichever mode you choose to play, and I hope you enjoy the experience of a true old school hack if you decide to take on the challenge.

Music credits and update info are in the download.

*Photosensitivity Warning* The final boss has frequent lightning flashes.

Here is a clear video if you need help figuring something out.

Tags: asm bosses huge level music vanilla
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Comments (4)

 xHF01x Link
A classic kaizo hack - originally from 2009 - which focusses on precision jumps over anything else. The new visibility mode is a welcome addition that removes some of the cheap Map16 trolls that were abundant in this early style of kaizo. Overall, a hack that you should play if you're interested in how kaizo was 15 years ago.

Moderation notes: Fixed tags, removed "Kaizo: Intermediate" label.
GabrielM Link
It's very good, approved
NixKillsMyths Link
I beat this hack a few months back. There are some really cool and inspiring jump set ups in this very long level, especially interesting given how old it is. There's definitely a lot to appreciate here in terms of creativity and it doesn't feel cruel for cruelty's sake. A few parts can be a bit puzzly though, so be prepared for some serious trial and error and don't give up on an idea too soon because some of the execution is very specific and you probably won't get it the first few tries. I genuinely had fun working through it.
lolyoshi Link