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Nobody Asked For This

Super Mario World Hacks → Nobody Asked For This

Submission Details

Name: Nobody Asked For This
Author: Fe'n
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Nobody Asked For This is a Short Experimental Kaizo Gimmick Hack (SEKGH for short). Each level features a different gimmick that alters a core part of Super Mario World's game mechanics.

* There are 5 levels, each with relatively short section lengths.
* The hack does not have an overworld.
* The first four levels may be completed in any order, and you can hit Start+Select to return to the hub at any time.
* Progress is saved automatically.

I hope you enjoy this adventure, should you choose to undertake it. 🐺
Tags: custom music gimmick goofy short hack
Comments: 6 (jump to comments)
5.0 (4 ratings)
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Comments (6)

GrenudoGames Link
nice gimmicks and fun levels! good work!
HotZin Link
Really fun hack with a really cute optional ending. Thanks for making this <3
GiraffeKiller Link
Love the concept. The levels are challenging, but don't feel unfair. Overall, a very charming hack. Well done!
Jeffario Link
I enjoyed the's a nice change of pace. Had fun playing this and didn't find it frustrating, more-so innovative.
Stucat Link
If this hack was being served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner I would WOLF it down and enjoy every bite, because seriously this hack is tremendous!!!
blueribbonhighlife Link
What a great hack! Lots of chocolatey gimmicks, and stellar level design to back it up. I found this to be solidly intermediate, as it took me one extended sitting (around 5.5 hours) aka around an exit an hour. Good difficulty curve, the
levels 4 and 5 were quite a step up in difficulty
. It's also just a cute hack full of love! :3