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Super LouisDoucet World 2

Super Mario World Hacks → Super LouisDoucet World 2

Submission Details

Name: Super LouisDoucet World 2
Author: gui
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 30 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: v1.1: Nerfs in a few levels. Made some quality of life changes to setups, not necessarily making them easier, but more consistent/fun to execute. Added disclaimer to a specifc level that some people thought it was based on RNG but it was just skill issue.

Super LouisDoucet World 2 - Longer and Harder
February 14th, the day I release this. Happy birthday my dude, you're a crazy guy. Hope you enjoy this gift, I tried my best to make this the most enjoyable experience possible, while still being a mean hack :)

Jokes apart, this project wouldn't be possible with these people. Thank you so much: Selicre, Stego, Fyre, Segment1Zone2 for all the support, for attending my requests and answering my stupid questions about asm and music. Big shoutouts to the testers as well, for all the cheese finding through the hack and all kinds of wacky crashes. It was a blast to make this, and to watch you guys play through this.

DISCLAIMER: While I did make this hack approachable for most kaizo players with a higher skill set, special world is still something else in the hack. If you don't feel like playing it, you don't need to. It's not required to reach the credits. But if you want to beat it, but don't want to spend time figuring out new tech on your own, I made these clear videos specifically to help you with that, with an input display as well. Feel free to ask me anything about the levels though, if you want a detailed explanation of the obstacles.

Clear videos: (Special Stage 1) (Special Stage 2) (Special Stage 3)
Tags: asm music traditional vanilla
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Comments (7)

gui Author Pinned From older version: Super LouisDoucet World 2 Link
If anyone is curious about the songs used in the hack, here's the list:

Also a clear video for the any% levels (no secret exits). I'll be posting a video with all secret exits soon.

Clear video for all secret exits:
Russ Link
Thoroughly enjoyed playing through this hack. A lot of creative setups with great flow. Most of the sections aren't that long so they are quite palatable for the difficulty.

That being said my enjoyment of the hack pretty much ended at the
Cape level and the Red Switch Palace. These were the first levels in the hack that I didn't even try to figure out blind (I hate cape tech)

Overall, solid recommend and will definitely reply quite a few levels in this!
Kimota Link
Been a week or so since I beat this so sorry I can't give super detailed feedback. On the plus side though, I probably would have given 2 stars then out of rage, as I played the hack in an order such that South of Heaven was the last level to 100%. Overall, this wasn't bad. The first ten levels or so were good fun. Gui is very capable of creative tough platforming with good flow. The shell stuff was a nightmare though, just way too finicky imo, especially with things like the shells falling from the sky and super far jumps. These were the kind of the levels that put me off Maker, but at least there you would get a couple of practice doors. The clear videos did help though, so thank you for those.

Towards the end of Any% the levels do get quite brutal, culminating in South of Heaven, which is one of the more frustrating levels I've ever played. Since the hack wears the Takemoto influence on its sleeve, it's maybe not fair for me, an unabashed Takemoto hater, to make this criticism, but yeah, these later levels take inspiration from his design style of (1) clear idea/concept, (2) punishing, (3) trolly, and (4) indifferent to the player (e.g. obstacles that the player has a flat 0% chance of reading on the first try).

Anyway, there is still a fair bit to like here, and for Takemoto enjoyers, probably a lot to like. Overall I would say I had a very good to very bad experience with this one that averages out to something close to neutral.
 Alex Link
I forgot to post my comment yesterday, but here is. Thank you so much for making such an amazing hack, there's no doubt this was a pretty good birthday gift for Louis. I know that I always make fun of you tributing Heaven level but seriously it is delightful to see how you've been improving your levels design and your creativity deployment in this hack, there's a lot of levels that I can easily name as my favorites. Bravo.
GrenudoGames From older version: Super LouisDoucet World 2 Link
wow! this is really amazing! i loved the special levels! 10/10 great work
silver From older version: Super LouisDoucet World 2 Link
 LouisDoucet From older version: Super LouisDoucet World 2 Link
I couldn't possibly express how happy I am to have received this birthday gift. It was an incredible experience the whole way through. Best day of my life.