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Mario's Ruined Seclusion

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario's Ruined Seclusion

Submission Details

Name: Mario's Ruined Seclusion
Author: BlueSheep123
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 31 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Mario’s Ruined Seclusion is a standard choco-nilla hack of normal difficulty. In this hack, you will explore 6 distinct worlds and 31 levels (+ a final boss) that each contain their own unique set pieces.

Mario and the Princess were having a picnic in the forest. While Mario went into the woods to pick some berries, Bowser crept in and snatched up the Princess! He has taken her to his brand new castle in the Defiled Isle, where she is being held hostage. It is up to the Mario Bros. to save the Princess yet again!

- 6 worlds with 31 exits.
- Levels that each introduce their own unique gimmicks, ideas, and set pieces.
- Custom music.
- A few custom graphics – Some made by me that are SMW-inspired, and some ripped from other SNES games.
- A minimalist HUD (DKCR Styled Sprite Status Bar by Ladida, lx5, and wye).
- Instead of having the same old castles at the end of each world, there are “final test” levels with varying themes.

I hope you enjoy my first ROM hack!
Tags: hdma less exgfx music no boss traditional vanilla
Comments: 21 (jump to comments)
4.8 (10 ratings)
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Comments (21)

Konings1989 Link
Beated the hack fast. For me to easy, but cool hack!
HicalebiH Link
Really fun SMW mod! A bit disappointed at the end as it’s
just a vanilla bowser fight
but other than that, everything in the mod is really creative and fun! Even the water levels were fun! Overall 10/10 Awesome mod!!!
Cote de Boeuf Link
What a positively delightful hack! A bit on the easy side, but still manages to be interesting with lots of well-executed gimmicks. Stellar job.
SamBamPlays Link
Really cool hack! Most levels weren't too difficult and the game as a whole was a big barrell of fun to play! The music was especially amazing!
Thanks BllueSheep! Top job #tb{^V^}#smw{:peace:}
TheMorganah Link
A cool project with vibrant colors and interesting stages. I enjoyed it.
Perfect to play on short trips.
Random Internet Name Link
Really fun, short and sweet hack, It has this Mario 1 kind of purity to it that makesit fun to run through. None of the levels are too complex although things do get pretty interesting throughout in some levels. It's just good ol Mario with some cool new twists and ideas. Its almost hard to believe this whole hack is vanilla gameplay wise.
cry_cat Link
i love the music! ^^
 Anorakun Link
Fantastic way of showcasing level ideas coupled with amazing use of vanilla assets to create unique aesthetics. Each level is memorable in some sort of way. This hack has some great flow in how it presents its ideas. I can easily recommend this hack for anyone who wants a chill experience with some small doses of challenge.
bandicoot Link
Finished this one in about two hours, the level design and level ideas are great and its a very fun experience overall!
Gamezopher Link
Fabulous work with this hack! I really love the overall mood. Question: from which other games tracks for the very first level come from, and what about the second level (mansion). I've heard almost every gaming soundtracks, especially SNES ones, and I never heard those tracks unless they were composed by your team.
edwinmusic Link
jobvd Link
Great! Finished in an hour but amazing level design and fun.
BlueSheep123 Author Link
Thank you for playing.
SF - The Dark Warrior Link
one question - what happened to Divine Mario World?
BlueSheep123 Author Link
I gave up on creating that hack years ago. Back in late 2021-early 2022, my interest in hacking came back so I decided to make this.
Mr. MS Link
This is a really, really great hack, the levels are fun, the aesthetics are nice, overall a pleasant experience.
BlueSheep123 Author Link
Thanks for the compliment and testing!
Matthew6758 Link
Amazing first hack! Really enjoyed playing this one.
BlueSheep123 Author Link
Thanks for playing!
 BeeKaay Link
Fantastic hack. I appreciated the attention to graphical detail and the reuse of vanilla tiles to make new graphics (e.g. brambles). Level design was also fun and gimmicky while being predominantly vanilla. Would recommend this to anyone starting out or looking for an easier hack.
BlueSheep123 Author Link
Thanks, I'm glad you found it to be on the easier side.