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Day At The Turkey Races

Super Mario World Hacks → Day At The Turkey Races

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Comments (24)

mmBeefStew Link
gobble gobble
IkeSMB Link
Usually levels with layer scrolling gimmicks can feel a bit janky imo but the levels in here that used them felt awesome, great job with that! Narragansett, White Holland, and Royal Palm are prime examples of this and they were all some of my favorite levels (especially White Holland). Overall I'm a big fan of levels using rare vanilla mechanics, so this hack was really fun to play through.
bonjoursauce Link
Is this one of the beck hack I've ever played? Yes. Yes it is.

For most of it, I had never seen nor played anything like it. It's insanely creative. How Fryinb managed to tightly knit fresh and intricate setups with flow and fun is astounding.

Those short-no-H-fast paced levels are highly addictive. Be warned.

Fryinb is in a league of its own when it comes to hack making. Not better or worst, just really something else! In a good way.

I can't stress how much you need to play this hack. 5/5

gobble gobble gobble gobble
Memory_Lain Link
Love the hack and how each level has a really cool theme. Definitely worth to play especially if you like vanilla oriented hacks and races and turkeys
3dsalmon Link
Turkey/10, would turkey again.

(great hack)
Stucat Link
As someone who has been to an honest to goodness turkey race irl, I have to say that this hack perfectly encapsulates that experience … except for all that mario nonsense
Arobam Link
While playing this I slowly turned into a huge turkey without taking any notice, would do it again.

Great work Fryinb you have come a long way, lots of unique vanilla obstacles combined with eye-pleasing asthethics for the stages in this game.

Rambo Link
DaWildGrim: Gadzooks! You're going to catch me dipping my hands in the cookie jar quite a lot with this one! Turkey Times, more like Amanda Bynes, am I right guys? Hehe. Anyway, this hack was a lot of fun, HUGE recommend to fans of Mario and Goons Nationwide.
revolug Link
gobble gobble
derv82 Link
Wonderful, purely-Fry banger!

I was challenged and pleasantly surprised every level. Even the P-balloon level which was toxic to my thumb, but I think that’s a Skill Issue.

The Tides and Layer 2 levels were all so unique and fun.

NBDs are NBD for FryinB.

Needs more grass imo
 LouisDoucet Link
Really loved how each level explored its theme in creative ways, especially when layer 2 and 3 were involved. Extremely fun and accessible levels!

Can confirm it made me a turkey, 5/5
Scags Link
Look at my fans, love the fans
mmBeefStew Link
BabaYegha Link
I think the only person that
Is sorry that the Pilgrims came,
Is our great turkey, bald and fat,
And really he's not much to blame.
What if they sailed across the blue,
And found a land for great and small,
Perhaps it's lots of fun for you—
He never sees the fun at all!
So he's not thankful that they came—
And really he's not much to blame.
B2De Link
🦃 🏁❤️ 🪭!
Mega Link
Love the fans, love the fans. What more could I say about the fans that hasn't already been said
Puppysoup Link
Had me at turkey
Abdu Link
Blaagon is a cheater and should be disqualified from any future turkey race.
Blaagon I want you to know that you cheated not only the game, but yourself.
You didn't grow.
You didn't gobble.
You took a shortcut and gained nothing.
You experienced a hollow turkey victory. Nothing was gobbled and nothing was gained.
It's sad you don't know the difference.
The fans are crying.
twicepipes Link
gg turkey hack
mason Link
Turkeys on the run,
Feathers ruffle in the breeze,
Gobble up the fun.
 Blaagon Link
bravetoaster Link
 Fyre150 Link
the Fail World cutting room floor. 🦃
BoozeWash Link
I heard that if you beat the race you become a turkey irl 🦃 🏁