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My Favorite Things

Super Mario World Hacks → My Favorite Things

Submission Details

Name: My Favorite Things
Author: revolug
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: This is my first romhack - an exercise in making challenging and fast paced vanilla levels. There are no custom mechanics in this hack besides quality of life and aesthetic improvements.

This hack features 8 levels (one of which being a hard shell level, so proceed with caution) with no trolls or bosses. Additionally, each screen transition acts as a checkpoint unless stated otherwise.

Overall, this hack was equal parts fun and difficult to make, so I can only hope it's the same to play. If you're ever stuck or wondering if something is intended, a full clear video can be found here:

(Also the music in the shell level breaks if you start-select. Sorry)

v1.1 - Fixed one of the tutorial rooms and other tiny things that were bothering me.
v1.2 - Various decheese and nerfs throughout all levels.
Tags: asm kaizo less exgfx music no boss vanilla
Comments: 9 (jump to comments)
5.0 (5 ratings)
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Comments (9)

zLukaasPvPz Link
Awesome hack revolug, do you Gonna make MFT2?
BUX88 Link
Absolute beast of a hack. Fun, challenging & extremely satisfying!
Prestinator13 Link
Fricking fantastic romhack. This hack was a ton of fun to play, though it kicked my butt. This hack is definitely one of my favorites and I recommend this hack to anyone looking for a very hard hack. Thanks for making :). 5/5
Donald1111 Link
uh_ness Link
Does anyone have the music for this one? 😌
 YouFailMe Link
There are few expert hacks out there that are as satisfying to execute as this one. The longer section length rewards consistency and the sections are generally very easy to read for experienced players. Fantastic hack that I highly recommend for veteran players or intermediate players looking for a rewarding grind. Great work rev!

Also, no float frame gang lets go :)
zer0mavrick Link
Awesome hack! The shell level was a step up for me. It almost won, too!
shaoshao Link
Fantastic, difficult, satisfying hack!
 Alex Link
What an amazing hack, pretty difficult challenge but it never felt exhausting neither frustrating. Awesome work, revolug!