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SMW Blocks → Anti-Midway

Submission Details

Name: Anti-Midway
Author: Donut
Act As: 25
Includes GFX: No
Description: It's a midway, but instead of setting the midway flag and making the player respawn at the midway entrance, it does the opposite. If the player got the midway before, this will unset it, making the player respawn at the main entrance and will (optionally) remove their power-up.
Stupid? Kinda..
Evil? Definitely!

Credit is not necessary.
Tags: layer 2 lorom midway midway point sa-1
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Comments (7)

mariofan_171 Link
Great for Kaizo and Troll hacks
Burning Loaf Link
I've slightly altered the submission's comments for a bit more clarity, otherwise works as intended.
Added more tags.

Tested with:
  • Mesen 2.0.0
  • Lunar Magic 3.33
  • GPS 1.4.4
  • SA-1 Pack 1.40

Tester's Note: This is an Evil Block.
Be cautious if you see more of these in the Blocks section, they make creating your hack more difficult!
CalHal Link
This looks like Checkpoint 0.
Hiro-sofT Link
it doesn't have to be purely evil though. It could be used as a reset for very specific setups that require you to remove the midway...

Don't ask me when but I could see some genuine use out of this.
BabaYegha Link
I LOVE IT #smrpg{cool}
ninj Link
dude this is amazing
 E-man38 Link
Such a scary midway... #smrpg{sad}