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Bro's Adventure

Super Mario World Hacks → Bro's Adventure

Submission Details

Name: Bro's Adventure
Author: Gringo Loco Jr.
Demo: Yes
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 4 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Introducing the latest and (arguably) greatest hack of Super Mario World: "Bro's Adventure!" Forget playing as the lovable plumber, Mario. It's time to step into the smooth, indestructible shell of everyone's favorite underdog - Hammer Brother!

In this rom hack demo, you'll play through four exciting levels as the Hammer Brother, where you'll throw hammers, boomerangs, and fireballs - because why limit yourself to just one type of projectile? And forget about a red hat - this Hammer Brother means business with a shiny new helmet.

You'll stomp on Goombas, dodge Koopa Troopas, and collect coins - all while wondering why your brother never let you be player one. But with your arsenal of weapons, you'll take on enemies like never before. The boomerang will take out enemies from a distance, the hammer will crush anything in its path, and the fireball will turn even the toughest foes into a pile of ash (except the ones with shells I suppose).

But don't worry, Mario fans! I promise I'm not trying to replace your hero. I just thought it was about time we gave the Hammer Brother his moment in the spotlight. After all, he's been a loyal servant of Bowser's for years - it's time he got to show off his skills. And who knows? Maybe Hammer Brother might have what it takes to replace Kamek as Bowser's right-hand man!
Tags: asm beach boomerang bro enemy exgfx exgfx overworld fire bro grass land hammer bro hammer brother hammerbro mushroom platforms music music custom no boss powers traditional
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Comments (8)

snes-blogger Link
An amazing demo. I've reviewed it in detail.
(You can choose another language in the upper right corner)
I honestly hope this will become a full version some day, keep up the good work.
RetroYuuki Link
Really enjoyed the hack and I speed run through it on my speed run channel. I love the hammer bro power ups.

David of Borg Link
This is a great idea executed very well so far. I can't wait to see more!
It invokes a lot of Mario 3 energy, so I hope he can get the boot and the frog suit. I wonder how reasonable it'd be to make a power-up that turns you into a giant land Hammer Brother....
SamBamPlays Link
Really awesome Demo Gringo! Can't wait to play the full hack! Great job #smw{:peace:}
PrimeGx Link
Guy that awesome hackrom, good soundtrack, good pixel art. I can't wait to play a full version!
Matheus103 Link
Amazing job!
I really loved this hack, can't wait to play the complete version of this hack.
Well done, Gringo! #smrpg{y}
LordXaedin Link
The only thing I could suggest is custom music, but that's already a lot to ask
V good demo, hope to see the finished hack (10/10) #w{=9}
E.T Link
So well-made and unique! Amazing work Gringo Loco Jr! #smrpg{y}#fim{<3}

Can't wait to see this project completed! #smw{^_^}