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Seek the Discrepancy

Super Mario World Hacks → Seek the Discrepancy

Submission Details

Name: Seek the Discrepancy
Author: Fyre150
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 15 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: A silly, somewhat unambitious hack that I made in a couple weeks.
It contains many puzzles that task the player to find some sort of discrepancy among what is presented to them.
Tags: family less exgfx music puzzle
Comments: 26 (jump to comments)
5.0 (20 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (26)

Fe'n Pinned Link
The discrepancy: seek it.
shaoshao Link
A very original and wonderfully constructed puzzle hack. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and is one of my favorite hacks I've played!
Stucat Link
I loved this hack! Once I started seeking the discrepancy I couldn’t stop. It became an absolute all consuming obsession. Mornings spent staring at the bathroom tiles looking for minor inconsistencies, entire evenings swallowed in an instant straining to spot the difference between two seemingly identical socks. Naturally I lost my job, my house, and my family left me. But now I have time… time enough at last.. to seek. Great hack , family destroying 11/10
karinou Link
Just finished the hack yesterday after 1 week of playing every day, my opinion ? just soooo cool to play, thank you very much FYRE150 to have created this hack, original, and it was really fun to play a SMW hack different from when mario runs, jumps, spinjump and kills boss for beat the hack, sincerely creating a hack where you need to find all the differences between several rooms is a really good idea!! good job, sometimes a bit harder for me to find the differences between the 3 rooms but after found it was so obvious :D A great job GG
3dsalmon Link
Entering this hack a bit hesitant but with an open mind, I've come out on the other end of it feeling delighted. Very well crafted, creative, and entertaining. Extremely worth your time, even if you, like me, think you're not much of a puzzle person.
MarioMMaster Link
Wait what ?
MarsAmpere Link
@mods misc:puzzle when
 AmperSam Link
Very enjoyable hack, if not devious at times. The presentation of the puzzles and the atmosphere is very thoughtful, even when some of them really challenge your SMW familiarity. Nice job. :)
Abdu Link
This is messed up cause there is no solution. I be staring at these boxes for a long time and all I have to say is the asm is bugged and the boxes are all the same.
Other than that very cool and fun.
detsure Link
Very kino puzzle hack
Jonah_ Link
Wonderfully brain breaking.
crocodileman94 Link
Surprisingly great for being an unambitious hack that was made in a couple of weeks.
deported Link
milgrips Link
even more fun if you already found the difference and watch others melt down as they cannot find it. Would recommend seeking in a group again.
Mega Link
played this hack with my family and we spotted and seeked both differences and discrepancies. solid Family out of 10 hack
 Linkdeadx2 Link
I'm not good at these kinds of puzzles but I still ended up having a good time. Thanks for the awesome hack.
microwave_brothr Link
A wonderfully thoughtful experience. Fooled myself often and was surprised by the variety. Going to have mom and dad over later to play it. Gotta love a hack that the whole family can enjoy :)
kellykelster Link
Sometimes the 1-up would not spawn after passing all puzzles in a level (maybe due to me jumping off the vine through screens?), overall fun hack, I like what you did with the idea.
kellykelster Link
Nevermind, some levels kill you instantly if you get one wrong but some others do not, I just missed one so the one up didn't spawn
Blaagon Link
koll5 would be proud. #wario{:'(}
BabaYegha Link
In the land of puzzles and games,
A favorite of many is the Seek the Discrepancy game.
Three blended garbo side by side,
Challenging you to look closely and decide.

At first glance, they may appear the same,
But a closer look will reveal the change.
A missing grass, an extra sprite,
These subtle differences are hard to find.

It's a game that requires focus and skill,
Patience and persistence, if you will.
But once you spot that difference, so small,
You feel a sense of victory, standing tall.
 LouisDoucet Link
Incredible. I can't get over how good this was. Truly a puzzle hack like no other.
LightAligns Link
Highly recommend for anyone who enjoys puzzles. Also the first hack my kids have repeatedly asked me to turn back on so they could play it themselves.
BoozeWash Link
can confirm it is fun for the whole family 10/10 would discrepancy seek again
Scags Link
It turns out the real discrepancy was the friends we made along the way
bravetoaster Link
I sought disparity and was not disappointed in what I found. 😰