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    Popful Mail (SNES) - Guardess Ruins

    SMW Music → Popful Mail (SNES) - Guardess Ruins

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     Anorakun Link
    It is important to specify which version from Popful Mail is in the title, though. The instrumentation of each version vary wildly, and the SNES version has some exclusive tracks that other versions don't have.

    The original game was released to some japanese PCs, then it got three different ports: SEGA CD version, which is a remake, has the biggest sprites and an infamously bad english translation by Working Designs; the SNES version which is developed by Falcom itself, it is a whole new game, done from scratch in almost every way; and then, the PC Engine version, which is a direct remake from the original.

    Also, I suggest the tag "desert", since in the original game the player starts outside of the ruins, in a desert.

    Thank you very much for port. #smrpg{:3}