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The Cave of Loathing

Super Mario World Hacks → The Cave of Loathing

Submission Details

Name: The Cave of Loathing
Author: NixKillsMyths
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: The Cave of Loathing is a vanilla precision hack focused on very short, but demanding sections. It is only 1 exit which consists of 26 chambers divided into 5 themed zones consisting of 5 chambers each, and a final chamber. Every chamber is 3 screens (48 tiles) in length, and ends with an unforgiving up pipe checkpoint into the next chamber.

This hack is RTA intended, and has been completed RTA in testing. That is not meant to discourage save state use for practice (or completion), but to let the player know this hack was designed with accommodating a tool-free experience in mind. Completing this hack RTA could be a grind for even very experienced players, so approach with caution.

There are several required frame perfect, and nearly frame perfect obstacles. Jumps are very tight, movement requirements can be extremely specific, and the level design is intentionally claustrophobic. Be prepared to die a lot to each obstacle before making progress. With enough patience and persistence, maybe you will be able to escape The Cave of Loathing.

Good luck.

Clear video link:
Tags: glitch music precision traditional vanilla
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Comments (2)

 GlitchCat7 Link
This is a fresh take on the 'precision' hack formula. There's a lot to enjoy here, from the creative setups to chill cave aesthetics. This can be a challenging endeavor, but I personally found it to be fair as well. Recommended for fans of hacks like "Levels for Trans Liberation"
 LouisDoucet Link
The short nature of the chambers leads to a very merciful design in spite of the high precision. I had a lot of fun, and the setups were pretty unique too.