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Sweet Dream Agnes

Super Mario World Hacks → Sweet Dream Agnes

Submission Details

Name: Sweet Dream Agnes
Author: elsaiz117
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 14 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Sweet Dream Agnes is a hack that will test some of your precision skills.
There's 14 exits (including credits).
No secret exits.
Most of the pipes are consider as midways (there's few exceptions)
You can use start select to exit levels anytime.
Save prompt is active after each exits
Tags: asm bosses chocolate sprinkles kaizo music
Comments: 3 (jump to comments)
5.0 (1 rating)
No rating
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Comments (3)

BelayThatOrder Link
Had a great time with this one! Reminiscent of old-school kaizo hacks for sure
EvilAdmiralKivi Link
Finally managed to play the final version (I've put my hands on one of the earlier WIP).

I'm very impressed with the final version of the hack. Visually beautiful, great music choices and it even has a plotline!

As precision is not really my thing some of the setups caused a little bit of frustration, but fact that levels weren't too long compensated for that.

Fun and challenging to play. Good job!
Doopu Link
Sweet Dream Agnes was a blast to play; it has a fair difficulty curve, ramping up from early intermediate to something in the middle of the range. Sections are short and sweet, with clear theming for each level.

There's definitely elements of old-school design present, such as
unmarked kaizo blocks
and more than a couple
virtually unavoidable end-level trolls
. But, given the short section lengths, these are largely forgivable.

Technique-wise, the hack is largely vanilla save for one level focused on
motor skills
. There's also a fairly simple
level, if you're into that kind of thing. The latter half is somewhat dominated by grab-jumps, in
both levels and boss fights

There are a couple of spots that are intentionally left loose, such as in
the cape level
where multiple strategies will let you progress. I personally prefer to be forced to follow one particular path, but this freedom allows for some interesting 'alternate' pathing.

I hit a spot in the level Cauchemar where spawning issues caused
some floating question mark blocks
to not line up quite as expected - typically caused by small hesitations in movement. This caused some confusion, but nothing show-stopping.

range from the simple (
Big Boo with eeries + grab jumps
) to the more elaborate (
an auto-scroll battle against the same
). They're enjoyable, even though they have heavy, heavy reliance on
grab jumps

It took me a little under four hours to clear, but I hear more experienced players are averaging about two-and-a-half.

A really great first hack, looking forward to more from Elsaiz in the future!