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Yoshi Saves Summer Vacation

Super Mario World Hacks → Yoshi Saves Summer Vacation

Submission Details

Name: Yoshi Saves Summer Vacation
Author: El Cuh Fermin
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: In this hack, Yoshi and his friends from Mushroom Kingdom had plans to go to Puerta Vallarta for this summer 2023 season, but Wart decided to ruin them vacation. Yoshi needs to save the season before was too late and late travel to Puerta Vallarta.
Tags: asm bosses chocolate custom graphics exgfx hdma music sa-1 traditional
Comments: 12 (jump to comments)
4.0 (7 ratings)
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Comments (12)

name_6969 Link
Good short summer hack
MarioTony34 Link
Can someone please give me the music playlist of the whole game especially the world map one?
NatashaLandry Link
Ah, that sounds like quite the adventure. I actually played the game while waiting at a train station in Germany. Unfortunately, I got so interested in the game that I almost missed my train. Thankfully, I could quickly check the bahn timetable to make sure I didn't miss it. It's funny how life imitates gaming sometimes.
TokenTomboi Link
A little walk in the park with good music and far too many powerups.
Mario_B Link
I really enjoyed the visuals and music. It was great.
I didn't like the level design that much tbh.
The castles were fine but mostly the normal levels. They have good parts but a lot of parts are repeating themselfs.
There are WAY too many Power Ups and enemies imo.
So for me It's a 3/5
SlamJamMcCam Link
Hello! Loved the little adventure on the beach here! I'm definitely into the nice and breezy chill hacks like these, so it was right up my alley. I think well verse players will obviously have a pretty easy time, but like I said, that's to be expected, and I'm glad that it's being represented here.

Pros: Fluent animation in custom gfx, yoshi being different colours to powerups was neat, levels were well designed and flowed well. Music was aces, loved the remixes and the choices. Good solid 30-40 minute game for those well-versed in Mario.

Cons: I didn't understand the hit detection on the final boss of the game. I think after spending 10-15 minutes with the boss, I had to start save stating just to figure him out. The throw animation for the veggies feels a little droppy, in that they just kind of fall out of your arms in a slight forward arc. I think being able to throw them more like a shell, with at least some momentum would be an excellent choice. I just didn't know when the boss was able to be hit, and it wasn't made clear. I think it was late in his bubble animation, but I only ever got confirmation of hits. The boss reacting to misses, or the item bouncing off him would indicate to the player that you cannot hit him at that moment. There also seems to be a weird transition fast forward from the world map directly into the castle level at the end that was a little jarring.

Thanks for the hack!
SamBamPlays Link
Really enjoyed this game, it was so much fun playing as Yosh. The backgrounds were stunning and the levels were a nice challenge without being too difficult. Great job El Cuh Fermin #smw{:TUP:}
matheoba Link
I really enjoyed it, including my favorite level was Clawsgrip's Castle. Very good hack, beautiful graphics, but I just think that the Nigth Beach level has too many hammer brothers and the final boss hitbox is a bit buggy. Anyway, the hack is very good and I recommend it!
lil_div_selector Link
This is a good hack.

Although I would say it is easy, it is not easy in a boring way.
If not for the quantity of powerups, it would be called "enemy spam" but because you are always getting another powerup, you have a lot of fire (and star) power to deal with enemies. The levels are designed to be played assuming you have powers.

I think it would be fun to include the score in a hack like this for score runs. Definitely worth a play.
MickeySupermario16 Link
Originally posted by El Cuh Fermin
I suggest you use an accurate emulator on the android app, or you can get through tools section if you use Windows
use Tablet no Windows :O
MickeySupermario16 Link
Well,@Fermin acosta jr,didn't like the rom you published in April of 2023
a bit because It was a SA-1 Version i'm sure It doesn't work on SNES9X android and SNES Hardware :(..rare true?

El Cuh Fermin Author Link
I suggest you use an accurate emulator on the android app, or you can get through tools section if you use Windows