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Mario's Pride Mini Quest

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario's Pride Mini Quest

Submission Details

Name: Mario's Pride Mini Quest
Author: Green Jerry
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: This is a Pride Month themed mini hack.

It's Pride Month, and a group of crystals called Pix are planning to cancel the Pride Month celebrations for all eternity! Mario must defeat them before it's too late!

Originally released during the Summer 2022 C3. This newer version of the hack makes it easier, due to some hard sections in the previous versions.
Tags: asm bosses hdma holiday less exgfx music traditional vanilla
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Comments (13)

Sr Calvinho Link
Green Jerry Author Link
This hack is making people angry just because of Pride Month. Are people going to hate me just because of this?
El Cuh Fermin Link
Thank you for making this hack, I absolutely love this game #smw{<3}
Mohamad20ZX Link
Thanks for your Hack Green Jerry even though I don't Celebrate Pride Month it's Amazing that you put your efforts for this Enjoyable Package
Green Jerry Author Link
Update 1.3.5:
Fixed red ! blocks when activating the red switch being yellow.
Changed a message to remove a sentence that was repeating twice.
SamBamPlays From older version: Mario's Pride Month Mini Quest Link
Absolutely loved this! Thank you for such an amazing and unique game Green Jerry. Happy Pride month 🌈#smw{:peace:}
Green Jerry Author Link
Update 1.3.4:
I accidentally used LM 3.33 instead of LM 3.30 when making update 1.3.3, which caused a bug where goal tapes wouldn't work. Redid the two changes of that update on 3.30, and now goal tapes work.
TheMURAmatsu Link
Jerry, obrigado pelas mudanças, porém, agora nenhum goaltape quer funcionar. Estão quebrados! =/
Green Jerry Author Link
And I've just noticed the word Month was never in the hack's title, and this mistake was present since the day the hack was first released during the Summer 2022 C3. I've now fixed the title, and had to reupload the .zip file, since this mistake was also present in the file names and the readme file.
Green Jerry Author Link
Update 1.3.3:
Changed the midpoint area of Fire Piranha Cave to have semisolid platforms instead of turn blocks. This was done because you could get softlocked there if you took damage and had no powerups.
Moved a shower Fire Piranha which was placed a tile too high.
TheMURAmatsu From older version: Mario's Pride Month Mini Quest Link
Jerry, excelente hack como sempre! Somente aconselho, se for válido, você mudar essa parte, pois caso esteja apenas com um cogumelo (grande) e tomar hit, como sairei dali se o bloco fechar?

Aqui na imagem abaixo fica aquele erro de gfx:

No demais, excelente trabalho! Parabéns e obrigado pela criação!
Green Jerry Author From older version: Mario's Pride Month Mini Quest Link
Update 1.3.2:
Fixed a minor error with the water color in the brown ground palette of the main map.
Also this time I actually updated the version number in the title screen, as I forgot to do that in 1.3.1.
Green Jerry Author From older version: Mario's Pride Month Mini Quest Link
Update 1.3.1:
Forgot to remove a pit in the secret exit sublevel of Flying Shells Cave, since you could get softlocked by dropping the key on that pit.