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ShyGuy / Snifit

SMW Sprites → ShyGuy / Snifit

Submission Details

Name: ShyGuy / Snifit
Author: Sonikku
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: This is the ShyGuy and Snifit from SMB2.
Both the ShyGuy and Snifit contain several variations. For ShyGuys:
- Red: Moves normally; walks off ledges.
- Blue: Same as Red, but stays on ledges.
- Green: Hops in place (such as the Gray Snifit).
- Yellow: Moves faster, follows player, and jumps over thrown shells. Snifits fire 3 cannonballs.
- Giant Red: Same as Red, but is 32x32.
- Giant Blue: Same as Blue, but is 32x32.

Snifits are mostly the same, albeit with their signature projectiles attacks. They also always follow the player regardless, just like in SMB2. The extra variants are as follows:
- Gray: Hops in place firing projectiles.
- Gold: Same as Gray, but fires 3 projectiles.
- Big Gray: Same as Gray, but is 32x32 and fires larger cannonballs.
- Big Gold: Same as Gold, but is 32x32 and fires larger cannonballs.

Additionally, this sprite contains a Shooter sprite that can be used to spawn this sprite, like how they can spawn from jars in SMB2.

Part of my SMB2 sprite standardization project; a project aiming to perfectly recreate the original enemies while adding new functionality.

Release History:
- 7/9/2023: V1.0 (C3 2023) - Initial Release.
- 7/16/2023: V1.01 - Updated the JSON files to disable the "Invincible to star/cape/fire/bounce blk" flag.
Tags: enemy lorom sa-1 shyguy smb2 snifit
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Comments (4)

Hayashi Neru Link
Error In Pixi 1.3.2

Error on line 2: Cannot parse JSON file.
I clearly wrote ‘ShyGuy.json’ in list.txt, not ‘ShyGuy_PIXI1.40.json’.

I compared ‘ShyGuy.json’ and ‘ShyGuy_PIXI1.40.json’ and both files are perfectly identical.
OrangeRock57 Link
Found an error while trying to insert this

'shyguy.asm:693: error: (E5088): Define 'ExtendedSize' wasn't found'
G.A games. Link
This looks really cool!
 MarioFanGamer Link
Moderated with:
  • Lunar Magic v3.40
  • SA-1 Pack v1.40
  • PIXI v1.40
  • BSNES v115
Added enemy, lorom and sa-1 tags, fixed bug where a carried Shy Guy / Sniffit may be drawn behind the background, fixed Yoshi interaction in general, added CheckObstruction.asm (used for the spawner) and tongue interaction added GFX13 with only Shy Guy and Sniffit.
Edit: I also added an ExGFX with only Shy Guys and Sniffits during moderation.

Much like the Tweeter I previously moderated, the carried code is a bit faulty in that the sprite may randomly be put behind the background (incidentally, both sprites use the same base). There also is another, less explored bug where carrying a custom sprite into a pipe has it drawn, though since SMW doesn't support carrying custom sprites into a new sublevel, I let that pass. On top of that, I've found to bugs with Yoshi, both caused by SprCollision_RideSprite.asm: For one, a typo caused the sprite to not properly check for Yoshi and for the other, tongued sprites are still able to interact with Mario which can easily happen with the giant sprites when they're tongued from the right.
This one also affects the Tweeter which uses the same routine, hence why I've just submitted an edit with these fixes for consistency.

The included spawner can also be used for the Tweeter whose feature I described was hidden because such a spawner isn't provided there, among the lack of documentation.
It too wasn't without bugs, though, since it relies on the routine CheckObstruction.asm which apparently has forgotton to be included, lol. Even then, it wasn't without bugs where it may not always work properly which I too fixed during moderation.

Lastly, the three bullet Sniffits can easily lag the game so take care if you have multiple on-screen.