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Winged Cloud

SMW Sprites → Winged Cloud

Submission Details

Name: Winged Cloud
Author: Sonikku
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: This is the Winged Cloud from Yoshi's Island.
It's... a winged cloud. You can throw a projectile at it or hit it with the Cape or a Fireball to make it drop its contents or trigger a small scene where select tiles are changed into other tiles, to create a bridge for example.

The "trigger" itself is an invisible sprite which may either spawn a Growing Vine in its place, or it'll lock the screen and begin changing certain Map16 tiles to other tiles.
A sample level is included to showcase how it is more or less used in the preview GIF.

A custom Coin sprite is also included, as some settings utilize it to spawn multiple coins. Standard Sprite 21 (the Moving Coin) does not work well for these purposes.

Release History:
- 7/9/2023: V1.0 (C3 2023) - Initial Release.
Tags: flying cloud item lorom pacifist sa-1 yoshi's island
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Comments (3)

CalHal Link
A dynamic version of the Winged Cloud can be found here.
 MarioFanGamer Link
Moderated with:
  • Lunar Magic v3.40
  • SA-1 Pack v1.40
  • PIXI v1.40
  • UberASM Tool v1.6
  • BSNES v115
Added pacifist, lorom and sa-1 tags, fixed fireball index for fireball contact, added graphics and Map16 file for bridge tiles from the image, modified ExGraphics to be named ExGFXnn (since you included a sample level).

A pretty cool sprite especially in reference to the existing clouds which are much less accurate and versatile.
Keep in mind that sprite triggers are a bit easy to break if you aren't careful since it's still a sprite which is onscreen and will delete itself when offscreen.

I can definitively confirm that there is a glitched Goomba after triggering a sprite trigger on an SA-1 ROM but only an SA-1 ROM and I've no idea what caused this glitch to happen. It is relatively harmless and minor but still a bug to fix. Edit: It turns out, this happens because the cloud which activates the sprite trigger is set to a carried state and will never disappear offscreen (so one slot will be permanently filled). Interestingly, it never happened on the LoROM ROM because the code which moved the carried sprite to slot 0 is disabled on that ROM but if I readd this, it also appears on that ROM.
Another bug is how a kicked item can just barely strife the cloud and still hit it while not being killed at the same time.
On a more minor scale, clouds which can be revealed after touching but also under certain conditions (if enabled) will always play a sound effect when spawned due to being spawned in the hidden and not the revealed state.
Last but not least, the code which spawns the item content searches for every sprite slot but this is partially the fault of PIXI's SpawnSprite which doesn't take item memory into account (still better than Fry Guy before a fix I made which can potentially softlock the game).

I also noticed that you use macros to load the extra bytes... when they're fairly useless as not only do you mask them out with 0xFF but they're stored immediately to sprite tables and they don't use the extra byte macros, making it feel an overcomplicated solution. On a more minor scale, the AND #$80 : BEQ/BNE can easily be replaced with BPL/BNE even if code readability is less visible (and thus more understandable than the extra byte macros).

Suggestions: Make it possible to spawn a powerup similar to ?-blocks (i.e. mushroom if small, a specified powerup otherwise) and make clouds which are hidden behind blocks not play a sound effect nor be flashing for accuracy in the source material.
Ice Man Link
I'm not sure if this is related to SA-1 or not but whenever I spawn the bridge/stairs (red blocks as seen in your preview) with the winged cloud and go into a pipe there is a glitched sprite ($0F Goomba) in carryable/stunned state spawned in the new level (tested with the bonus room with 3 question blocks in a row). No idea why. It is not the free RAM it uses as I tried several.
Would be nice if you can look into that.