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Playersounds Compiled '22

BRR Samples → Playersounds Compiled '22

Submission Details

Name: Playersounds Compiled '22
Author: Fullcannon
Collection: Compilation
Description: This is a new compiled sample collection featuring 600+ instruments from the latest soundtrack releases and techniques achieved within the year of 2022 into a small yet compact set of instruments to utilize numerous genres.

Features a variety of useful instruments for writing in years, including 25 airs, 33 basses, 176 drums, 33 ensembles, 46 guitars, 34 horns, 24 keys, 31 mallets, 13 organs, 16 solos, 40 leads, 44 pads, 38 combis, 18 voices, 30 worlds and 50 sound effects in total.
Tags: accordeon acoustic bass acoustic piano agogo alto sax atmosphere fx bagpipe baritone sax bass lead bassoon blown bottle bowed glass brass section brightness fx celesta cello choir aahs church organ clarinet clavinet clean guitar crystal fx distortion guitar drawbar organ dulcimer echoes fx electric piano english horn fantasia pad fiddle finger bass flute french horn fretless bass funk guitar glockenspiel goblins fx guitar harmonics halo pad harmonica harpsichord hawaiian guitar honky-tonk piano ice rain fx jazz guitar kalimba koto mandolin marimba melodic tom metal pad music box muted guitar muted trumpet nylon guitar oboe orchestra hit orchestral harp overdriven guitar pan flute percussive organ pick bass pizzicato strings polysynth pad reed organ rock organ sawtooth sci-fi fx shakuhachi shamisen shanai sine wave sitar slap bass soprano sax soundtrack fx space voice square steel guitar string ensemble synth bass synth brass synth calliope synth choir synth strings synth vox tango accordeon tenor sax timpani trombone trumpet tuba tubular bell vibraphone viola violin voice oohs warm pad whistle xylophone
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