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Status Bar tutorial V3.0

Documents → Status Bar tutorial V3.0

Submission Details

Name: Status Bar tutorial V3.0
Author: HammerBrother
Version History: View
Platforms: SNES
Games: SMW
Type: Tutorial
Language: English
Description: This tutorial is a guide on how to modify the HUD (also includes the overworld border, stripe image, and even sprite OAM and pixi sprites). It also includes various custom subroutines and sample codes on how to use them.

It includes:
  • Several JavaScript HTML files for converting YXPCCCTT formats, 32-bit frame timer, and various memory layouts by subroutines and such.
  • A patch DefaultTiles.asm that modifies the status bar and hardcoded tiles in a user-friendly way, unlike Smallhacker's status bar editor

Custom routines:
  • 16-bit HexDec
  • 32-bit HexDec (ideal for big currency system)
  • RepeatedSymbols (display how many n items out of x)
  • left/right-aligned number display (suppresses leading zeroes instead of replacing them with leading spaces)
  • Leading zeroes remover (replace them with leading spaces)
  • 32-bit frame counter to timer display (ideal for timer manipulation; i.e add 5 seconds without dealing with individual units if a unit overflow occurs)
  • Percentage display
  • Several sprite and stripe routines to write the info.


V2 update: Fixed the oversight on converting addresses to SA-1
V3 update: several grammar issues fixed, sprite and stripe supported
Tags: counters display hud sprite status bar status-bar stripe
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Comments (3)

 Major Flare Link
You know, I've read this time and time again. Since your latest versions are more of text issues than your actual code, I am accepting this (with a longer delay that it should have had).
 MarkAlarm From older version: Status Bar tutorial V2.1 Link
Moderated with:
- Windows 10 Home
- Google Chrome

Nice additions and minor corrections. Accepted.
 Major Flare From older version: Status Bar tutorial V2 Link
I must apologize for wrongly rejecting this earlier. Now it will be accepted as it should have been.