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Super Mario World Hacks → Entropy

Submission Details

Name: Entropy
Author: drkrdnk
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 16 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Thanks for playing and enjoying my previous release, Ambivalence. This one should be more difficult but I would guess that it peaks at mid-intermediate.

- Linear overworld path with 16 exits
- Vanilla gameplay with a couple of custom blocks from the Romhack Races baserom
- Vanilla tile mix graphics with occasional custom stuff
- Sections are 30-40 in-game seconds (20-27 real seconds)
- Item tricks including shells, p-switches and springboards
- One cape level with slow-flying and speed control
- Custom soundtrack with all music ported by Ahrion
- Automatic save - midways included
- No bosses - instead there are 3 short puzzles to test your game knowledge
- No secrets
- No kaizo blocks but 1 or 2 "trolls" depending on your definition

This was made over the period of 6 months almost entirely on-stream. Thank you so much to those who supported this endeavour in any way.

The soundtrack is available on YouTube in this playlist

Good luck and thank you for playing.
Tags: chiptune kaizo puzzle vanilla
Comments: 39 (jump to comments)
4.8 (27 ratings)
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Comments (39)

vampirelich Link
Great hack! I just beat this 100%! I really enjoyed the puzzle rooms! And I feel like I’m a little better at cape now, maybe. :)
BUX88 Link
Quality hack from start to finish. I really enjoyed playing this, from clean aesthetics to creative setups and a little puzzle here and there to test your vanilla knowledge it really delivers. I had so much fun playing and it’s one of my fav hacks of the year!

Great work drk can’t wait to see the next one.
Suru48 Link
A very fun hack with moderate difficulty. I will admit the section is pretty complex if you don't do the cape. Other than that, 5 stars
ScatmanJones49 Link
Very enjoyable hack, hit the cape level and the unnecessary three ghosts in the beginning wore on me so I put it down. Everything else was great and I’m sure I would have enjoyed the rest of the hack. Definitely waiting for the next
PlainOleTrey Link
Dood. Sick hack, love your progression as a creator. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
bonjoursauce Link
Second hack by gamer and streamer extraordinaire Drkrdnk , Entropy offers 16 levels of good intermediate kaizo fun. Although, some might be taken aback if expecting something similar to DRK's first hack (Ambivalence) as Entropy dabbles more in brainy setups i.e. somewhat puzzly and requiring you to take a beat and think about it a bit (#cartesian)! I wanna be careful with what I say here but this affects the flow of the levels, not in a bad way, it's just different, but expect a bit more seesaw'ing than a continuous river, maybe, I don't know. I'm not a poet.

It also features (!spoilers) a cape level because CAPE IS LIFE! Add the actual puzzles on top of that and there's Entropy for ya. Midgame (around levels 7-8-9, the top of the OW) was the hardest part for me but still very much enjoyed the hack overall. It was fun. It was fair. And there was cape!

The hack is pretty airtight. Lots of work went into these levels and it shows. Looks really good. Sounds fricking awesome. Def. recommending it.
MellowYouth Link
quality stuff all around. really like the puzzles replacing the bosses and color palettes throughout

one of my favorites of 2023 #smrpg{y}
SirMystic Link
Very fun creative hack, some setups took a little bit to figure out but we're satisfying to pull off once I got them. Also really liked figuring out the puzzles, great hack drk!
slopcore Link
Great hack! Fun levels, clean aesthetic. The cape level was a slight difficulty spike but it was on me for not understanding the tech right before the checkpoint. Nice job dude
mmBeefStew Link
Really great job! I loved the hack, every level was so fun. Level design was on point, aesthetics were great and awesome music choices. Really great job, thanks for making this! 5/5
microwave_brothr Link
Drk thought I left a nice comment and thanked me, but it wasn't me so I'm just doing what I feel is the responsible thing to do here. Great work you're a cool designer and skills lot of fun wow heck yeah i mean cmon.
deported Link
great hack, had a lot of fun playing it. Really good aesthetics, creative setups and pretty good flow over all. The little puzzles testing you on your vanilla knowledge was awesome.
thanks for making this! didnt expect to be in the credits, so that was pretty cool! hopefully i could inspire more than just some big death blocks :P

great job, DRK
Sparkysie Link
A natural progression from Ambivalence - this hack is trickier, and has a less safe approach, with some new setups which may confuse initially, but feel good to pull off.
I would but it at low end intermediate with one or two sections which may take some newer players a little while to get down.
The puzzles were fun to work out, and not mega difficult, and will almost certainly teach some players some things they didn't know before.

This creator has my trust, and should have yours too - recommended highly 5/5
Smackalot Link
Originally posted by BabaYegha
If you press the "A" button which is usually the red one if you using OG SNES controller, you are going to spin jump. You cannot spin jump in water sadly. Meanwhile our lil' hero is speening you will destroy most of the sprites so watch out for that :O :O

Thanks for the advice 😄😄
MDBattleFrog Link
Got this when it was at 3 stars. drkdnk has played everything I've released and I watched him make a lot of this and it looked really cool so I decided to check it out.

I make really hard stuff, but have a hard time reading hacks in general so I don't play many hacks above beginner, but so far I've found this to be extremely intuitive and have been having a blast. I'm 7 exits in and haven't been roadblocked like I find myself on many other difficult hacks. To me, personally, that shows an attention to detail with readability while still providing continuously surprising setups that require more than a little thought.

This has been giving me a fun factor I haven't felt playing blind in a long while. Excellent work.
revolug Link
very solid low intermediate hack, fun and creative all the way through. the only thing I thought was off was how the puzzles require prior knowledge of some weird vanilla mechanics in an otherwise beginner-friendly hack, but I guess that's what the hint document is for. 5/5
GrenudoGames Link
great game! 10/10 super fun levels. nice work
Kimota Link
Very fun with unique setups that remain fairly straightforward and readable. Nice work!
DashGamer Link
Free Game. It Good. 10/10 - Certified.
gorpo_c Link
Is this the guy who drinks water real loud? 10/10
neidoodle Link
5 levels in and loving every bit of this! So many creative set-ups along with carefully crafted aesthetics and of course a great soundtrack by Ahrion! #w{<3} this is an instant classic
pixlrik Link
As someone who loved Ambivalence, I was so pleased to find that drkrdnk was making another hack and Entropy does not disappoint. A welcome step up in difficulty but not too much, offering the player some nice challenges and light puzzles to solve in lieu of boss fights. The levels are cleverly designed with great set-ups coupled with beautiful custom graphics that catch your eye. The unique soundtrack by Ahrion is a fantastic idea, meaning that levels are filled with new songs to get stuck in your head and hum along to as you work out the fun challenges that lie before you. Overall I'm very impressed with Entropy and already hoping that drkrdnk is considering making more hacks! GG on the release, great work again with this hack!
GiraffeKiller Link
Outstanding work. So many unique setups, but also great pacing. Nothing feels overwhelming, but there's still a good challenge. You did it again, sir.
synthie_cat Link
Have yet to fully finish this game but I am incredibly impressed by the amount of polish and creativity in this one. The setups are flowing but require you to think about what you're doing - without being unreadable.

Beyond that:
The amount of detail work on this is really impressive. I've been around on some streams while it was created and saw how much tweaking went in but seeing and playing it for the first time shows off how well the palettes, tiles and sprites tie into each other. All that is crowned by deciding to go with an OST created by a Ahrions ports; giving it a distinct personality even beyond other fantastic recent hacks. A match made in heaven!

GG drk. You really did it, done it, shell jumped the poop out of this sector. :)
BabaYegha Link
Definitely a step up from drk's previous masterpiece. Setups are clean, smooth and incredible creative. I loved to recognize lil' inspirations here and there. Keep up the good work!! This is a must have banger! #smw{:TUP:}
lincolnic Link
I enjoyed this hack so much, I meant to spread my playthrough over the weekend but ended up binging it all today. I loved Ambivalence and I feel like Entropy is a big step up for drkrdnk as a creator. The setups are more complex, but still for the most part very readable. I only quantified that because there were a handful of setups that took a little while to figure out. Even so, all the sections flow very nicely and feel good to play.

I like the idea of puzzle rooms instead of bosses, and the inclusion of a Hints file in the download is a nice touch for players who might not know the particular tech a room is asking for. They might not be everyone's cup of tea, but as someone who doesn't really care much for boss fights, it was a nice change of pace.

On top of all that, the palettes look great, and the Oops All Ahrion soundtrack is a solid accompaniment. Thanks for another fantastic hack, drkrdnk!
twicepipes Link
lots of creative vanilla setups on display (with just a splash of chocolate stuff that doesn’t feel out of place), clean palettes and presentation, difficult but never bang your head against the wall tough. some of the Ambivalence heads may find it a bit more brainy but creators are supposed to grow and evolve right?
Smackalot Link
Originally posted by Fyre150
In Super Mario World (and most games like it), destroying a sprite prevents it from respawning.

And now I know, thank you 🙏🙏
 Blaagon Link
Had a lot of fun with this one. It's a step up in difficulty compared to drk's last hack but also a step up in quality! I appreciate the more complex setups and the kuso puzzles. My favourite level is the slowfly one, wish it was longer. #smrpg{sick}
Fryinb Link
Can't wait to play, thanks for spending so much of your time to make free games for everyone to enjoy! #tb{;)}
Smackalot Link
Possible bug report? Not sure if this is intended but
on the first level when trying to avoid the bullet bills if I spin jump on them (usually takes out two of them) it reliably prevents those two from spawning again in the other direction before the Halfway point. Snes9x via retroarch .
 Fyre150 Link
In Super Mario World (and most games like it), destroying a sprite prevents it from respawning.
BoozeWash Link
BabaYegha Link
If you press the "A" button which is usually the red one if you using OG SNES controller, you are going to spin jump. You cannot spin jump in water sadly. Meanwhile our lil' hero is speening you will destroy most of the sprites so watch out for that :O :O
ageVerrly Link
Did not like ambivalence at all so was not expecting much but this one was much more fun to me. It did happened a lot to me that there would be a setup which gives me 2 options for how to do it but then the option I perceive as cooler is the wrong one. For example, at the start of mushroom skies you could keep either the goomba or the shell but only the shell will let you pass later on. This is obviously hard to account for when making a level.
Anyway I suggest you try this one even if you did not like the first one.
Transreznor Link
Ok. I'm going to be as constructive as I can, but as much as I enjoyed Ambivalence, I did not enjoy this.

I feel as the creator drkrdnk was possibly too ambitious with this one? Was very hard to read a lot of setups, and felt like there were forced efforts in some puzzles instead of producing a boss.

Again, I liked Ambivalence but this I could not finish. Shame as I was excited for this.

My apologies as English is not my first language.
AndreDK7 Link
lol skill issue
twicepipes Link
Panicdream1 Link
Congrats my friend.
Can't wait to play it :)
It looks beautiful!