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Bounce Sprites Boost Player

SMW Patches → Bounce Sprites Boost Player

Submission Details

Name: Bounce Sprites Boost Player
Author: JamesD28
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: This patch makes it so bounce sprites that bounce upwards (e.g. from coin blocks) will give the player a small upwards boost. You can choose whether the patch uses a fixed customizable bounce speed, or the vanilla system where one of two speeds is given depending on jump being held.
Tags: bounce sprite lorom sa-1
Comments: 2 (jump to comments)
Download 937 bytes | 106 downloads


Comments (2)

Link13 Link
This patch does affect the Reznor Platform to not stand properly.
Burning Loaf Link
Moderated with:
  • Mesen 2.0.0
  • SA-1 Pack 1.40
  • Asar 1.81
  • Lunar Magic 3.33

Works good.
Keep in mind this won't affect custom bounce sprites, as you'd have to change one of the routines in PIXI's folder to do this as well.