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Super Mario World Hacks → ~omh~

This file contains crude language. Discretion is advised.

Submission Details

Name: ~omh~
Authors: Daizo Dee Von, Squirrelyman157, Team JANK
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: Yes
Length: 100 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: ~omh~ is the missing letters of R-ACK (pronounced "Oh Em Aye-ch", stands for "Original Mario Hack" allegedly).
Press the DOWNLOAD button to experience the missing chapter to The Plumber's story; an unexpected event leads them to fighting the Secondary Exits in hopes of stopping "Goaldobadorrer" from being revived.

Current version: v1.04B
Tags: asm bosses crude language exgfx hdma health less exgfx music powers variety yumplike
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4.9 (10 ratings)
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Comments (46)

Daizo Dee Von Author Pinned Link

11 months later since the beta released on July 11th, ~omh~ is finally accepted! Thus, the longest hack me (and most likely squirrelyman) have ever lead has been unleashed.


This ROM Hack isn't beginner friendly, and certainly not built to ease you into the weirdness like R-ACK does (which I'd highly recommend playing before going into this game). The first proper level paints a picture of what you'll be getting into, and there are styles of levels that you will have to keep an open mind about. The biggest difference between R-ACK and ~omh~ is the authors who were brought in for the new project. The abstract nature of R-omh-ACK allows the minimal-rules to embrace styles outside of what is tradition or "normal."

Realistically, the start of World 2 is where the game will show it's bite, and World 5 is where the very in very hard kicks in. The Brick in it's entirety will test your limits greatly.

But I won't deny that the effort put into this game is at least 3-4 times more than R-ACK. While it had quite a bit to experience with the good chunk of surprises in it, ~omh~ has a lot less "filler." There are still low-quality shitposty stuff put in (because we embrace that kind of thing), but the experience we gained prior let us do some wild stuff. For example: it's VERY rare to see an SMW Collab actually host a unique original boss at the end of every world ON TOP of mini bosses sprinkled in it. The only recent collab to attempt it was SMWCP2...and it was in limbo for 10 years. We did it in 3, and that's because we knew they didn't need to be overly complicated. Some fights could just be very pattern based, and later fights could afford to be a bit more random.

~omh~ is a hack I'm very proud of leading, but never want to do again. I struggled a lot testing every level, and some even tried my own limits. The programming of the bosses I did I'd say was easier than testing the stages in The Brick blind. The undeniable truth of any collab is if you find a level extremely difficult and precise, just know that "it used to be worse" lmao.

Anyway, the hack is out now. You read my wall of text, and by pressing DOWNLOAD you acknowledge the unique experience you'll embark on The Plumber's journey of traversing the landscapes. In ~omh~, there's just...more. All I can further suggest is: embrace chaos.

Mischievous Marc Link
Finally accepted!#smrpg{:D}
ImNotMark Link
Sorry for giving this hack a 1 star. I gave this hack a 5th time to finish it. And yeah i finally finished it and finished r-ack the levels may be messy but some are good especially the brick levels. So forgive me Daizo and rafael.
Null42 Link
I can't belie that this is not kaizo lol
rafaelfutbal Link
Hello, everybody.
I want to make it very clear that I only have this account on this website. And any other account containing my photo or my informations is fake.
I felt offended that an administrator of this website came to me to demand that I behave correctly when talking to people, pointing out another account. It's pretty obvious that it's not me since I already have this account.
I don't know why there are one or more fakes with my photo. Just ban them all from this website.

PS: I don't know what "reregs" means. Google translate doesn't translate this word.
Have a good day/night to everyone.🙏

Daizo Dee Von Author Link
Hello rafael, I was the one who reported the original user, and found out that it "supposedly" was a re-registered account on your behalf (that's what "rereg" means). For that I apologize for thinking it was you trying to hide behind a different account, leaving behind the comment. I'm kind of surprised someone's trying to impersonate you, but I do believe your story and I hope there's no ill will between us or anybody in the administration team.

Sorry for the inconvenience. ~omh~ is a pretty popular hack, especially with it being on the top of the Hall of Fame's 2023 page.
DanMario24YT Link
Thank you, sir. For Peace, this hack changed my life. My entire view of everything that exists in this world, in fact, even in the entire universe. I can never look at anything I know the same way again. This hack represents emotions that most humans could never understand. But I can. Thanks to this hack I was awakened to many things previously considered unimaginable. Thank you for this exquisite hack. This ROMHack is an exquisite masterpiece, out of every single hack I have ever even played on SMWCentral, this by far has enlightened me to do fly, lose 90 pounds and even become the president of the United States, and I'm going to tell you why this is such a masterpiece as if hearing the creators, no, god of this universes luscious voice. I would like to express my thanks to you. My gratitude for your indisputably magnificent assistance is almost infinite. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. I really like your contribution that you have in our society, you really make a difference and help others out, the world could always use more people like you. Gosh, what a polite and humble fellow. It is such a kind honour for someone as low as me to be in contact with someone of a level such as yours. I thank you once again my good friend. A world without you, would be a world I would not be able to live in, and I believe I share that opinion with most people. I can rest easy tonight knowing you helped. I appreciate you and everything you stand for and on behalf of everyone on planet earth, thanks. Yes I 100% agree no lie I am 10/10 with you in this statement no question. You are completely absolutely correct and have made no mistake in your sentence whatsoever and I applaud you for that as you have made a thoughtful statement that many agree with. This hack is suitable for most ages; whether you're 13 years old, or 80, you should play this hack. It is inspiring and it showcases the spectrum of human nature and how humans communicate with each other. This hack revolutionized SMWCentral and set the bar high for other hacks. In the future, historians will look back on this hack and regard it as the pinnacle of human achievement. It was a roller-coaster from start to finish, the mario head level will leave you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Players will find themselves absorbed by the heartwarming tale of an entity called "The Plumber", who must fufill his mission of completing the hack. I was shocked by how intense and gripping this hack was. The plot is rich, unpredictable and touching. This isn't your typical SMW hack, this hack is a war with one's emotions. ~OMH~ is a stirring masterpiece that only comes once in a millennium. The thrilling levels make it a jaw-dropping experience that properly utilizes lunar magic. I rate this hack 11 Mario heads /10 Mario heads, and will never play it again as every time I do, I get saddened by the the fact that there will never be a hack to match this masterpiece.
Danik2343 Link
Good 100% Passed!
Danik2343 Link
Good Impressive hack! I never seen FNaF levels)
Good! R-A-C-K Good Too, but this hack bigger and interesting! Link
This was an absolutely wonderful hack and a total joy to 100%.
 Pokemon Hacker Link
great collaboration, but we want that OST

especially the track for inappropriate blaarg usage
 YouFailMe Link
Amazing hack! I'm sad I can't vote for this in 2023 mosts since this is easily my favorite standard hack of the year and it also has some incredible bosses. I played this alongside R-ACK which made for a cool experience because I got to see all the callbacks and continuity between the two projects. Thanks to everyone involved with Team JANK for all the hard work that went into both of these great hacks.
Daizo Dee Von Author Link
I've had a chat with DeppySlide about it, and from what I've gathered ~omh~ is most likely up for the running in next year's mosts. But I truly appreciate your comment!
 Pokemon Hacker Link
TheXander Link
Amazing work guys, really I enjoyed this #smrpg{y}

Literally, OMHG (sorry, I mean OMH, in my actual point here!)
Mangrich1 Gaming Link
I really hope the glitches and the bad trolly spots get fixed as you do make some pretty amazing games but this was so bad i quit it right away and I normally do not do that
NES Boy216 Link
Originally posted by Daizo Dee Von
This will be fixed, and you'll be in the credits. Thank you for the report.

You're welcome. It's been in honor to discover and document a huge, exploitable bug like this, and it's great that I played a small yet important role in the history of SMW collab hacks.

In gratitude, I'd like to share these images.

First, it's a gif of one of the final bosses of ~omh~ at full height:

Also, here's the Cat as it appears at the end of the game, in R-ACK's postgame palette:

Also, I was looking up stuff in the game through RAM editing, and I noticed yet another oversight: when you clear The Tower of the Exits, due to The Plumber already being moved to the new pipe in the cat submap, the clear flag is set on $7E1EA2 (used for generic Warp Pipes on the map) instead of $7E1F01 (used for the Tower). This means that when you replay the final level, it's impossible to use the Start+Select trick to return to the map screen without dying or defeating the final boss.

the secret BIGMAN expansion technically gives you 106 more lives to the cap, rather than 100 as the message box claimed
Daizo Dee Von Author Link
Originally posted by NES Boy216
Also, I was looking up stuff in the game through RAM editing, and I noticed yet another oversight: when you clear The Tower of the Exits, due to The Plumber already being moved to the new pipe in the cat submap, the clear flag is set on $7E1EA2 (used for generic Warp Pipes on the map) instead of $7E1F01 (used for the Tower). This means that when you replay the final level, it's impossible to use the Start+Select trick to return to the map screen without dying or defeating the final boss.

I think this is a bug related to Lunar Magic itself. Technically I can set it as such internally, but the fact you can just leave with the START and L+R it wasn't too big of an issue in the end.

Originally posted by NES Boy216
the secret BIGMAN expansion technically gives you 106 more lives to the cap, rather than 100 as the message box claimed

That was actually intended. The extra 6 was meant to have the total amount of lives achievable reach 500, so it's more of a "beneficial lie" than anything.
TheKazooBloccGosh Link
Full review! (up to v1.01 of the game):

Yeah, last time I did a full review was SMWCP2
Honestly, I really love it (except 3 levels :( )

Yeah, it's really hard! But it was really fun! Unlike the beta, I beat those 3 levels savestateless:
There's a dragon inside my tomato noodle soup
, the final boss and
Tower of Powser
Only 1 level I didn't beat savestateless:
Lavitation Me
. And 1 level I savestate-practiced (outside beta):
Big Bill's Hell
. Not because they are too hard but they are too poorly designed...
It's SO close to be a "perfect" hack imo. Still Great Job #smw{:TUP:}

Rating: 4+/5

Thank you Team Jank for this wonderful hack! #w{<3}

Album link:
7 up Link
~omh~ is the missing letters of R-ACK (pronounced "Oh Em Aye-ch", stands for "Original Mario Hack").
Bloody clever.
NES Boy216 Link
Something is wrong with the World 4 castle level, because it loads the first level in World 1 (the one with the ad pop-ups) instead of the intended level, but at the midway point instead of the start.

For reference, here is the ROM I was using according to's ROM Hasher:

I tried using ROMclean to see if that fixes the situation, but the wrong level still loads.

The emulator I used was Mesen-S Version 0.4.0.
Daizo Dee Von Author Link

Just tried it, it works fine for me. Is there anything weird you did before entering the level?

e: I've also tried it on bsnes, and same thing on my end. I'm not sure if it's because it's an sfc instead of an smc, but maybe try a different SMW Rom. As much as ROMclean does it's job, I'd still try to find another rom.
 Anorakun Link
Must be Mesen-S acting weird due to it being a bit old. Have you tried the hack on Mesen-2? It should run with no trouble.
NES Boy216 Link
I did a quick run through an alternate file in my original ~omh~ ROM, and the World 4 castle works as intended.

While I still haven't found the cause of the glitch, I did discover a solution of sorts: the value at RAM Address $7E1EFC (which is within the byte range of the overworld level settings flags) was somehow set to 4C. Setting it to 0C makes the World 4 castle load correctly.

If you're interested in my exact progress, I had 47 Exits cleared, with all goals within the first four worlds achieved (I.E. everything except "
Règle du ballon à l'avant-champ
"). I also bought everything I could afford within the four storehouses available so far (though I may, or may not, have bought and trashed the curses).
Daizo Dee Von Author Link
Do you have a save data file by chance? Like an .srm or whatever Mesen-S uses?
Daizo Dee Von Author Link
I have figured out the problem, and it's not emulator specific. The funny thing is it could've happened with any boss level.

(Explanation for those who care, but please don't abuse this bug in speedruns as it'll be invalid beyond v1.01.)
TheKazooBloccGosh Link
Daizo Dee Von Author Link
you can shoot fireballs while on the red yoshi, but only with one of the two fire buttons
TheKazooBloccGosh Link
Thank you! :D
I use Y for the main and X for the secondary. So I didn"t expect X being the only way to shoot (the X coins means to use the X button, but I didn't catch it)

Now I got 97 exits!
PepsiLover22 Link
People what made me sweat in this game: anorakun, daizo and.....

Mohamad20ZX Link
Originally posted by Anorakun
You need to drop a blue / red key (I don't remember which one at the moment) in a portal hidden in the fourth castle.

Then you need to fall on a very big abyss in House of Locks.
Thanks Mr AnoraKun
lordkronos100 Link
Could it be That you can Only Play one level of The Hidden Block World After Beating it Mario doesnt walked by and The Colorfull Pipe in The Blue Switch Needed Several many Trys to Even work and The 3rd Secret Exit in Fliping coin Seems to Good hidden to The think is im Not Sure what is Gimmick and What not I Like This Crazy Gimmicks but it makes it Difficoult to Tel :D
TheKazooBloccGosh Link
Oh no! #smrpg{ohno} In
I forced a tester to make a level.
, the message block shows the wrong message (it shows
the scally flag defeated one
Daizo Dee Von Author Link
I swear that message was unused when I changed it, but I guess it was for that stage.

I'll leave it until more issues are reported. At least the message being displayed is one you're guaranteed to see and not like, spoiling another one. I'll just delete it because yeah, this hack literally used all of them.
Daizo Dee Von Author Link
Issues should be addressed. We're on v1.01.
 Katerpie Link
Mario has a tragic accident
Mario no longer retains his dead body form after entering the reset door
. Is that intentional?
TheKazooBloccGosh Link
I finally beat the final boss savestateless (also any%)! #wario{:peace:}

Some comments:
-The dot of
The Coin Flip
didn't show up from beating the corresponding exit of
Règle du ballon à l'avant-champ

-I managed to get temporary softlocked by trying to fly with cape at
wait, there's not supposed to be a level here.
try to get around Evigi (I don't think it's possible)

Btw great job Team JANK #smw{:peace:}. Hopefully I can 100% the hack!
I'm in the credits #tb{:D}

Temporary rating: 5/5
Mohamad20ZX Link
Hey where is the secret exit on the world 6 castle because i haven't able to find it
 Anorakun Link
You need to drop a blue / red key (I don't remember which one at the moment) in a portal hidden in the fourth castle.

Then you need to fall on a very big abyss in House of Locks.
Astrakitu Link
Coming soon to your big screen, only here on SMW Central!
 Hooded Edge Link
Man, this truly was an original mario hack...
Daizo Dee Von Author Link
Originally posted by TheKazooBloccGosh

lol oops. I must've reverted the graphic by accident, tho I think they're funnier that way.
PepsiLover22 Link
FINALLY thanks of god another banger of the jankest and cursed people of all time
TheKazooBloccGosh Link
 Anorakun Link
Finally, it's about time that chaos is unleashed in this world.

Jamie Link
I went to bed one night after having a night out, I had a dream. In this dream I played a rom-hack.
It was an absolutely enlightening experience I can only wish was real.

It was, without a doubt, the rOM Hack of all time.