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Repeating Layer 3 Vertical Scroll

UberASM Repository → Repeating Layer 3 Vertical Scroll

Submission Details

Name: Repeating Layer 3 Vertical Scroll
Author: spooonsss
Type: Level
Includes GFX: No
Includes Hijack: No
Featured: No
Description: This UberASM vertically scrolls a layer 3 background in a repeating pattern. Configuration includes autoscroll speed and speed to offset from layer 1.

Compatible with the vanilla status bar. (Unlike naive layer 3 scrolling, the vanilla status bar will not be scrolled into the middle of the screen)
Tags: layer 3 lorom sa1
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Comments (5)

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Added layer 3 tag.

Let's be honest: This one should come with an example (or multiple) on how to use, how many tiles you have as well as the quirk that the repeating tilemap must be in total 0xE0 tiles tall. That means, you have to copy the tilemap twice or more to make it loop smoothyl.
However, this doesn't affect the submission itself and the only issue I noticed is a misplaced CLC which is put in the wrong conditional block.

The only other thing I'd wish is the ability to disable vertical scrolling altogether so that only autoscrolling can be used instead of requiring you to use a high scroll rate.
simon.caio Link
nice! works perfectly with the vanilla statusbar, without seeing the statusbar scrolling with the layer like you would normally see. Exactly what I was looking for!
Heitor Porfirio Link
This is a very useful UberASM for those who want to use Layer 3 auto-scrolling without having some bizarre effects when applied to the subscreen (in fact I don't even know if this UberASM solves this).
But I have a suggestion to place this but also horizontally.
spooonsss Author Link
For this mist, here's a color HMDA to fade the color in after the statusbar, so the statusbar doesn't cut off the background so suddenly

!hdma_channel1 = 3
!destination_color = $03

!hdma_base1 #= $4300|(!hdma_channel1<<4)

REP #$20
LDA #$2103  ; CGADD 2121
STA.w !hdma_base1
LDA.w #.ColorTable
STA.w !hdma_base1+2
LDY.b #.ColorTable>>16
STY.w !hdma_base1+4

SEP #$20
LDA.b #(1<<!hdma_channel1)
TSB $0D9F|!addr

db 38 : db 0, !destination_color : dw $1883
db 1 : db 0, !destination_color : dw $2CE6
db 1 : db 0, !destination_color : dw $4569
db 1 : db 0, !destination_color : dw $59CC

db 0