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Six Pack: VLDC Compilation

Super Mario World Hacks → Six Pack: VLDC Compilation

Submission Details

Name: Six Pack: VLDC Compilation
Authors: Ragey, SMWCentral
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 622 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: Six Pack is a compilation of most of the entries submitted to the first six Vanilla Level Design Contests hosted by SMWCentral during the years 2008-2013. It is the result of an experiment on the feasibility of automatically creating compilations like this one, as well as an exploration of the theoretical limits of how much content a single hack of Super Mario World can contain.

Keep in mind that this is an 8MB SA-1 image, which requires an accurate emulator or compliant hardware to run.

A word of caution to completionists or anyone else considering to do a full playthrough: Turn back now.
Besides the considerable exit count, many of the stages are incredibly long, extremely difficult, hard to navigate, and have one or both of their exits hidden in iniquitous ways. You have been warned.
Tags: collab collaboration sa-1 vanilla variety
Comments: 50 (jump to comments)
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Comments (50)

Danik2343 Link
Hack completed!
All 622 exits.
Anas Link
Originally posted by Stivi
that's because custom music wasn't allowed in VLDCs up until the 7th one :p

Didn't the level in the 14th screenshot use custom music however?
Marcos_RvZ Link
The only thing i dont like about the hack is that all the hack have Vanilla music and not custom one, or at least until the level i'm trying to finish there are not custom music.
 Stivi Link
that's because custom music wasn't allowed in VLDCs up until the 7th one :p
yv64n Link
I wonder if Ragey made this because he wanted to take back the record for most exits #smw{;)}
This will be a fun challenge to try and beat though.
Danik2343 Link
How to find secret exit in Frost Cavern Castle??
Please help))
erpster2 Link
Frost Cavern Castle stage is from the 1st VLDC game.

ask me via PM for the solution to the secret exit for frost cavern castle
supermario90 Link
what software to increase the level
erpster2 Link
from my old post of vldc6 about boo's forest level -

Originally posted by erpster2
entering this green pipe in that section of Boo's Forest while carrying a koopa shell or goomba (or any other object that can be carried) results in the Big Boo Boss not appearing at all

the current version of Six Pack uses the older layout of vlc6's Boo's Forest level where the final section before the big boo boss has that green pipe instead of a door. this was changed from a pipe to a door in updated versions of vldc6 so that the big boo boss will always show up & prevent a possible softlock.

CasualGamer Link

Six Pack by Ragey

November 15, 2023

December 18, 2023
EntySky Link

A you six pack save year 2023 hack sorry enjoy collocations by 2
Danik2343 Link
How to find secret exit in Frost Cavern Castle??
Please help))
TheXander Link
Ouh goud! You've done all the 622 exits!?

I've actually done 546... This hacks really are the museum of the VLDC levels... :O
CornerClip Link
IF this hack is a "exploration of the theoretical limits of how much content a single hack of Super Mario World can contain" then why does it use code obfuscation? This makes a romhack, by default, run worse as it tries to hide its own code from the emulator it's running in. Does having a worse code, other than just run worse, have any tangible benefits that I am missing?
Green Link
What are you running this on?
 Sonikku Link
first: what code obfuscation?
second: the only time "code obfuscation" would matter is:
- if you're trying to disassemble ASM designed for the hack (big no-no)
- if you're trying to use cheats to play the game in ways that are not intended
- if your emulator is not an accuracy-based one and is unable to handle the mapping of the ROM

 Anorakun Link
Maybe your machine is just unable to run an accurate emulator without slowing down. Also, this is the second time you blame a hack of using code obsfucation without showcasing any evidence. Please stop doing that. It's annoying as hell and it seems likely that the issue is IN YOUR END, rather than it being an issue with the hack itself. Unless you prove that this hack has code obsfucation, I won't take any of your comments seriously anymore. Please put more thought on what you say.
Selicre Link
This is the second time you put up this "code obfuscation" nonsense. The hack is SA-1. It will take more resources to run on an accurate emulator. If your computer isn't good enough, use something like snes9x.

The whole thing seems to be based on you being angry that you can't cheat. SA-1 hacks remap certain memory addresses, and if you want to fix some memory value, you should look them up in the SA-1 pack documentation.

I also highly advise to use something like Mesen 2 or bsnes-plus if you want to mess with the game's memory instead of blindly applying cheats and assuming it's "code obfuscation" when they predictably don't work.
 LadiesMan217 Link
I'm almost certain you tried opening this in Lunar Magic and couldn't.
MoxieCat Link
"Code obfuscation" is the practise of making code harder for a human to read, so it can't just be copied by looking at it.
It has no effect on how a machine interprets it... nor does ASM even have variable and function names to obfuscate in the first place.
 Pokemon Hacker Link
If the length is correct and I'm not seeing things, I'll dedicate a month to playing this start to finish
EntySky Link
You patches exit crazy the VLDC3 (2010)

glitch hour year score time ending here bonus stars some good 8 Digits.
8 Digits Score (by Isikoro)
999 Lives (by Alcaro)

When invisible door now face exit you smw day 105 don's yoshi music. VLDC4 (2011)
CasualGamer Link
Originally posted by CasualGamer

This hack also needs a cheat code for skipping kaizo like levels like this on this picture "Wheres Peach". Im having a hard time finding the door. In the document this level needs to "glitch-abuse". Im not a glitch abuser player just casual and chill 👌

LOL I managed to finished this thanks to Lunar Magic I downloaded the bps of this level in the zipped file of vldc 1 - 6 yeah so brutal
CasualGamer Link

This hack also needs a cheat code for skipping kaizo like levels like this on this picture "Wheres Peach". Im having a hard time finding the door. In the document this level needs to "glitch-abuse". Im not a glitch abuser player just casual and chill 👌

erpster2 Link
I'll just use an "instant level completion" debug cheat code from for beating certain "kaizo" levels
erpster2 Link
found a level in Six Pack where an "out of place" bonus game area would occur & would end up being stuck there (aka. virtual softlock)

it's somewhere in SMWorldbound level. by entering this yellow pipe from below:

and then entering this green pipe underwater:

leads to this:

I'm sorry folks; but this game needs some serious bug fixing
Danik2343 Link
Good! Thanks Very Much!
mariofan_171 Link
That holds the record of the longest SMW Romhack
CasualGamer Link
What if Ragey also compiled VLDCX? It will be the 2nd longest romhack Im estimating about 200+ exits? Hmm whats your opinion dude?
erpster2 Link
uh oh; I recently made this game crash/freeze on "The Sky Attack" level which is an auto-scrolling level where I somehow/someway collected a cape feather off screen from a flying ? block and so it needs the "Feather Autoscroll Freeze" patch.
erpster2 Link
off screen feather freeze problem seemed to be fixed with the updated 1.1 release from 12/31/2023 (yay!)
Somebody for sure Link
In the level "Boo's Time Tower" is there a hidden 5th Yoshi Coin? Because I can't find it and the rom is locked so I can't check in LM
erpster2 Link
i know where all 5 yoshi coins including the "hidden" one are located in that level. send me a PM and I will tell you
Steven Link
finally. a hack to surpass the much sought after vldcx compilation hack.

will be interesting to see what people using lunar magic ~1-2 (?) were cooking.
Ekimnoid Link
My god? 622 exits?! Are you serious?! This one will take at least 100 videos to complete, and still your other hack was like... stressful enough
Enan63 Link
Holy crap! 622!?!?!?!?!? #smw{O_O} Good work on this! I cannot imagine the pain and nightmare that went into compiling this!!
TheXander Link
Oh My Gosh!!!!!

First hack that I've see that their lenght is toooo long! 622 exits, how could be this possible!?
Klug Link
Congratulations on completing this, Ragey! Better try this one out!

Originally posted by Selicre
100%ing this. See y'all in 2028
Duly noted. I'm doing the same thing now, too.
Suru48 Link
Yall do that, I'll stylish on my 100% TAS
Diego1988 Link
Qual emulador roda essa rom?
TheMorganah Link
Qualquer emulador que suporte SA-1. Ex: Snes9x
Talvez não funcione em emuladores pra Android.
OEO6 Link
For a moment I thought I was dreaming #smw{o_O} This exit is really crazy!

(02.01.2024 - 00:35) I just finished the hack. There were some problems and bugs, but I must say that I saw this hack like a time machine. I saw how SMWC changed styles. I saw tons of inspiration, tons of experiences. I saw a lot of beginners and perseverance. This really affected me a bit emotionally. Average of 6 years, 6 contests... Endless thanks to everyone who contributed to this hack and participated in the competitions. This is truly legendary!
Brutapode89 Link
622 exits!? #wario{O_O} How did you do that?
Runic_Rain Link
Oh my gosh it's out! #smrpg{:O}
Congrats on finishing this behemoth!
simon.caio Link
oh wow, insane work!! GG!!!
 Stivi Link
Tulip Time Scholarship Games Link
One of the biggest hacks ever on record here at SMW Central. Great work!.#smw{:|}
rafaelfutbal Link
Unbeliavable! 😮
Nice shot! 👍

PS: Any chance to split it, in the future, to six VLDCs ROM hacks?
Selicre Link
100%ing this. See y'all in 2028
GbreezeSunset Link