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Super Mario World Hacks → Feginner

Submission Details

Name: Feginner
Authors: CroNo, mikeeeeee83
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: Short Beginner Hack with Cuppy from Cuphead as Customsprite.

Ver. 1.1: lowered the difficulty of most of the levels to be more beginnerfriendly.
Ver. 1.2: Bugfixes. Versionnumber on Titlescreen
Tags: music
Comments: 19 (jump to comments)
4.4 (9 ratings)
No rating
Download 474.89 KiB | 1,869 downloads


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Comments (19)

Super Nikuworld Link
This Hack was very fun to play!!! i would say any % is high beginner and 100% is mid intermediate. cool overworld very creativ lvl design. for me the last lvl was the best. it was a nice little challenge. music fits tho every lvl.

the 2nd last lvl was great, but the beginning was a bit confusing for me. the dolphin lvl had a strange timing section. i was stuck there for at least 15 min.

overall great ahck 5/5
dac Link
Fun hack! Still working my way through the last exit.
Emmanu Link
Gostei bastante
Marc_D92 Link
Very nice design and nice length of the levels. Overall, great hack #smrpg{y}
RageQuitLife Link
Just finished 100%ing this hack, and I've gotta say this one turned out to be one of my favorites. Super fun, very satisfying, highly recommend for beginners ready to dip their toes in something a bit more challenging.

I still don't think it's a true beginner hack, and I remain a bit mystified by the choice to make 1-1 the hardest level and hide the checkpoint), but I'm so glad I stuck with it because this hack was a blast! I just wish the creator would change the category to Intermediate so this hack can get the love it deserves from an audience who will appreciate it.
RageQuitLife Link
This might be a good intermediate hack, but it fails as a beginner hack. Level 1 is literally all shell jumps, including a backshot, a double shell jump, and one that has the player ricochet a shell off two walls. Worse, the checkpoint is tucked away and easily missed. That's messed up.

If you're looking for a good first hack, check out Love Yourself instead It's accessible and beginner friendly. If you insist on starting with this one, get ready to get wrecked. Just make sure you
check the bushes underneath the glowing P
so you get the hidden checkpoint. You're welcome.
CroNo Author Link
To be fair, the double shell jump is optional (as you can read in the textbox). The most shell setups are assisted by precise indicators or the 1f0s at the Z-Shelljump. Almost half of the second Part of first level is neutral D-Pad and the amount of screens between checkpoints is low. Of course, the 100% route is a bit harder (especially the Switch Check), but any% shouldn't be so difficult.

Also the hack was never targeted for absolute starters as first hack. It is intended for high beginner and maybe one of the last checks before diving into intermediate hacks.
R37R0G4M3R Link
im a beginner and I just cleared all exits on v 1.2 and it wasnt too terribly bad. i started to get frustrated at the
feist jam
level. i had to take a few breaks and come back to it but i eventually finished it. fun short little hack. as far as kaizo goes ive only ever cleared quickie 2, learn2kaizo, learning2fly, kaizo kindergarden and baby kaizo 1&2 (and now Feginner). in my honest opinion even tho v 1.1 says it nerfed it a bit i'd still say this is borderline intermediate.
The_Uber_Camper Link
I don't understand what "beginner" is supposed to mean in this context. By no means am I a beginner, but I imagine it would be nearly impossible for an actual beginner to beat this hack in less than 50 hours. Beginners can't even do a normal shelljump, they certainly aren't going to even SEE the first checkpoint in the first level.

Labeling hacks like this as "beginner" is detrimental to the entire community because a true beginner might choose something like this as their very first hack and quit never to return. We, the SMWC community, should be encouraging beginners, not gatekeeping them with hacks like this.
Drebin00 Link
Very cool hack. Fun, nice atmosphere, good hack for beginners... with some experience (or intermediate players who want to have some good time). Thank you !
Greedydave Link
The last two levels are incredibly fun with the gimmicks used. Very nice!
tobson Link
No beginner should be expected to beat this.
7 up From older version: Feginner Link
Intermediate hack. For beginners.
GamingWithZayn From older version: Feginner Link
How Do I Beat the First Level AFTER the checkpoint Am Stuck On The P Speed Part Right After the checkpoint where you kick the green shell. I Need Help or Suggestion Please.
neidoodle From older version: Feginner Link
neutral the d-pad after the slide and kick the shell right after you get it. I hope that helps?
neidoodle From older version: Feginner Link
fun little romp #tb{:DD}
Spaulding From older version: Feginner Link
Nettes Hackchen!
sL0Thiie From older version: Feginner Link
Sehr nice geworden!
Fransen86 From older version: Feginner Link
Netter kleiner Hack!
Danke dafür!!