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100th Birthday Cake

Super Mario World Hacks → 100th Birthday Cake

Submission Details

Name: 100th Birthday Cake
Author: Hwailaluta
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 0 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: This is a short kaizo hack with 7 levels and 30 short sections. There’s no overworld. There are eight wonder coins you can collect. Each level has at least one. You only keep them if you grab a checkpoint after collecting one. If you collect them all, you’ll get a mushroom for the final challenge in the game. If you miss them, you’ll get a chance to go back. Only the normal-sized wonder coins are important. The big “10” wonder coins are just for fun.

Checkpoints save automatically. This game also comes with a strategy guide.

It is my sincere hope that players lacking in kaizo experience can still take on this hack. That said, I also hope the creativity is compelling for veteran players. The game is largely vanilla with a handful of blocks and fixes from the Rom Hack Races baserom. Enjoy! :)
Tags: beginner friendly platforming standard gameplay vanilla
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4.0 (1 rating)
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Comments (3)

BelayThatOrder Link
Fun little hack with many unique tricks along the way! Cape section was my favorite. Love the included strategy guide, very creative way to help out those who want it (as opposed to a clear video).
ageVerrly Link
Really cool hack. I especially like the "walk between 2 sprites" sections. I really like the graphics for the final level as well.
The only thing I disliked was mario's running animation being broken which is really noticable while having invincibility frames.
Hwailaluta Author Link
Thank you for playing, and glad you had fun! I'll put the run animation on a list of bugs to fix in case I ever update it. I never noticed it.