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Jerry's Autowalking Adventure to Rescue His Cheese

Super Mario World Hacks → Jerry's Autowalking Adventure to Rescue His Cheese

Submission Details

Name: Jerry's Autowalking Adventure to Rescue His Cheese
Author: Green Jerry
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: This hack is my first finished and released Kaizo hack.

It features 7 levels, each one with their own theme, and has only 1 route, so there are no secret exits.

Oh no! Tom has stolen Jerry's cheese, and put a spell on him, and now he can't stop walking! Jerry has to defeat him to undo the spell!
Tags: asm bosses hdma kaizo less exgfx music
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Comments (3)

The_Uber_Camper Link
An excellent hack, short sections, but difficulty is often reminiscent of a lower-end "expert" hack just with shorter sections, so keep that in mind if you intend to play it.

This hack has many obstacles that appear conventional at first glance, but force the player (assuming you're using a SNES controller with default mappings) to play in a way that they normally wouldn't to overcome the obstacles. What I mean by this is that some obstacles are considerably harder if you play in the normal way of always holding Y/B or X/A, I'm unsure if this design was intentional, but I found it quite compelling either way to hold the controller differently for certain sections.

In my experience this hack was pretty rough on my hands, so if you're someone who experiences hand pain watch out for that.
MateusCarvalho590 Link
Green Jerry Author Link
Update 1.0.1: I just noticed the player could cheese the part on Tom's Castle, that's right after the part shown on screenshot 9 by stomping on the blue Koopa. That has been fixed now.