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Super Mario World Hacks → INFERNVM

Submission Details

Author: Sariel
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 69 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate, Misc.: Troll
Description: Welcome to INFERNVM
~ 69 exits, tons of gimmicks and 7 years level design!

- 69 exits / 62 stages make it one of the largest Kaizo: Intermediate hacks out there.
- There's an any% speedrunner route with only 15 exits, for those who want to challenge time.
- Usage of Switch Place blocks in several levels, so, depending on your completion rate, your adventure might be easier at some parts.
- L/R-Scrolling is enabled. Many stages require it, but apart from that you are free to use it as your own advantage / disadvantage as you wish, as L/R are legitimate buttons just like all other ones.
- All level gimmicks are completely vanilla¹.
- The point above includes this hack refused to use most "common QoL patches" like Framerule-Patch, Capespin-patch, etc.
- Most essential Patches that got used are: SA-1 by VitorVilela, Retry-Patch by worldpeace / dtothefourth, Autosave on OW by alcaro, Walljump/Note Block Glitch Fix by lolcats439
- 2 Moon(s) in every stage. One is to be collected, while the other one reveals a secret letter
(That's pretty much what the Yoshi House is trying to tell you)
. The collectable moons can all be collected without dying (of course you can just waste a life to collect a moon, too, if you wish).
- All level names are Latin, yet some notes and the credits have an English translation.
- a start-trap and goal-trap in (almost) every stage.
- Many Eastereggs, shortcuts² and shotouts to Special people as well as famous streamers.
Particularly worth to mention are the following people as being extraordinarily inspirational and/or helpful to me (alphabetical order):
Chosentw0, GbreezeSunset, juzcook, katun24, NGB, Tweyxx, Wakana, xHF01x

Author's note:
As it took me 7 years of development time, I simply hope it was worth the efforts and that you can enjoy your time with it (aside from the suffering you might feel in some stages)!
If you have any problems or complaints feel free to drop me a message and I consider how to initiate necessary changes in a future update.

Footnotes and Warnings:
¹ = ASM JUSTIFICATION: Some QoL ASM has been used (in 2 levels) to make the experience more smooth and save lots of time compared to a pure vanilla execution
² = MATURE HINT: You might find 1 sexually suggestive image if you discover a certain pipe, which should be safe to be streamed though. As you can find all images I used in a seperate folder "Images", you can decide your own, if you feel safe, of what you might potentially discover.
³ = The credits beyond were created to the best of my ability shortly before the release. As I didn't save every single source, music and inspiration which I used over the past 7 years, a few persons might be missing. I apology in that case and promise that this is nothing personal against the author, but just the consequence of the lacking documentation of used resources.
SA-1: As mentioned above the hack used the SA-1 Patch and therefore might be incompatible for certain consoles.
SEIZURE WARNING: A few levels in this hack may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.
PUZZLE WARNING: Depending on your SMW knowledge they might the real challenge to you as they can be really tricky
(or you simply watch solution vids)

Tags: music sa-1 vanilla variety
Comments: 17 (jump to comments)
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Comments (17)

ScatmanJones49 Link
Yeah SA-1 breaks snes classic, makes me sad really looked forward to this one 😞
Dark Mario Bros Link
play it on pc then.
ageVerrly Link
Amazing hack. Every level was fun and well made. It reminded me of why I was even fascinated with smw hacks in the first place. I especially liked the ghost houses.
Note that wallclips are patched out and mario solid blocks are used in some levels.
My biggest "complain" would be a general lack of overworld events. I also want to say that after 67 exits I had no idea where the final 2 were until I looked it up in LM.
Sariel Author Link
I'm glad you liked it in general.
I added the wallclip-patch to the description and credits. Absolutely forgot about that.
As it was difficult enough to place 62 levels within the 6 sub-overworld maps (refusing to use the main OW), I apology that it lacks major events and intuitive paths at some parts. Didn't want to delay the release even further, by refining this more.
Klug Link
Long overdue full hack release... Finally!
GbreezeSunset Link
Originally posted by Sariel
Following levels were also inspired by other people, but I forgot to note their names. You can tell me, if you know the author, who might have inspired the following levels:

I believe this is the level it was inspired by?
Sariel Author Link
Thanks for pointing that out. Edited the description.
Erick_Melo From older version: LEGATVM ALBATI Link
Um Hack promissor...O autor tem muita criatividade, mas o 1 nível é muito injusto com muitas Keyholes...uma hora o jogador vai enfiar a chave no buraco e vai fazer toda a fase novamente...
Kiatus From older version: LEGATVM ALBATI Link
@paperwario Theres nsfw on SERRA HISPANA
(i actually expect everyone who sees this comment try to reach it
Kiatus From older version: LEGATVM ALBATI Link
Why in the overworld sometimes i hear farts?
PaperWario From older version: LEGATVM ALBATI Link
Strange, I played through the first level, but didn't see anything NSFW... Is it down a pipe or something?
NaroGugul From older version: LEGATVM ALBATI Link
Interesting hack. A bit slow paced. While the ideas contained are interesting/creative, i personally find some of the gimmicks quite annoying.

Ive checked lunar magic and found only 4 exits (pipe on level 6c leads me to an empty level (1f9)). Or are you counting the key as one exit ?!
Im kinda confused about the "mature content" tag.

some comments:

Clavis Calamitatis - Very interesting gimmick, but also irritating getting out of the level for the smallest mistake. Having to get p-speed on this small space, even if not hard, is quite annoying.
Inter Per Tempus I - Id say this level has some almost unfair parts/trolls. Having only 1 chance on this 2 jumps (koopa/thwimp) ... and sometimes they are literally blind jumps... i dunno... The trap at the end is hard to learn to time with the lights turning on/off, quite unfair considering the player has to play the whole 2nd half if he dies there. (i know you can just walk careless the moment you enter the room and be safe)
Aqua Arcana - This level was quite hard figure out, ive actually had to watch it on youtube to see if what i was doing was right. The 1st part is kinda weird as you cant see much of whats going on with the shell, and it despawns so fkn easily..
Serra Hispana - Probably my favorite level. But, is that 1st muncher, on the left of Mario where he spawns, really necessary?!?

z0rz From older version: LEGATVM ALBATI Link
That hack is fun. Can't wait to play the whole thing.
Wieus96 From older version: LEGATVM ALBATI Link
kinda kaizo:hard but i like it
PaperWario From older version: LEGATVM ALBATI Link
From what I've seen of the first level, so far this looks really good. What else I've seen from the first level, is that KEY AND KEYHOLE HIT-BOXES SUCK.
 Katerpie From older version: LEGATVM ALBATI Link
This hack fascinated me. There was nothing in it that wasn't fun to pull off, and I like the creativity you had in your levels. It really did have some flaws, but nothing that a few minutes of messing around can't fix :p

Instead of throwing up the key to the mushroom block in the first obstacle in Clavis Calamitatis, you can hop on to the surprise fish and bump your head on said block (unless that's intentional). You could add some invisible coin blocks to avoid that. Some obstacles can be gotten past by key jumping, but since only a few people can key jump, then it's not a big deal. Still a thing to note though. And you could've done a bit more with this gimmick, like throwing the key onto question blocks you can't bounce the mushroom from, but this is a personal suggestion of mine! I also find it weird how in Serra Hispana the water automatically rises up if you don't die after collecting the midpoint, making some segments impossible unless you die.

Aqva Arcana was a pretty clever level, but it can be kinda annoying to figure out if you don't know when to scroll the screen, since some platforms don't show up without scrolling and there's no indication that you actually have to scroll, making for some trial and error. I struggled in the last room because of that. But it's still a creative level nonetheless.

That should be it. Great job!

btw I also removed tags like "goal-trap" and "start-trap" since they aren't from the tag list!
fatelifesthefans From older version: LEGATVM ALBATI Link
it's some like to hard...