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Boomerang Dry Bones

SMW Sprites → Boomerang Dry Bones

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 Major Flare Link
Tested with: PIxi 1.40, ZMZ .108, SA-1 1.40 and Lunar Magic 3.40.

There was still one more missing define, but then again it was eaasily fixable, which I did. So, accepted.
 Kevin From older version: Boomerang Dry Bones Link
Why does the bone use an overworld sprite table ($0E05) as freeram? I reckon that could cause some unintended side effects.
 RussianMan Author From older version: Boomerang Dry Bones Link
that's because the original boomerang sprite that was included with this Boomerang Bro also did that and this is just a modified version of that.
 Sonikku From older version: Boomerang Dry Bones Link
(hi i made the boomerang)
tl;dr: inexperience combined with close to zero documentation when it was originally created was responsible
longer version: I originally made the extended sprite for use with an awful patch I made back in the day -- an extended sprite expander patch -- since no dedicated tool(s) existed for doing so yet.
I wrote the boomerang with overworld sprite tables due to a lack of documentation (which largely still doesn't exist) on how they worked and because I needed more extended sprite tables for it to function as expected (SMB3 had more misc tables for its extended sprites than SMW, which is where the code is based on)

I actually, quite literally, wrote a new boomerang sprite 2 days ago which has largely the same functionality, though there's a couple changes I'd like to make to it first

edit: submitted an update to it
 MarioFanGamer From older version: Boomerang Dry Bones Link
Moderated with:
  • Lunar Magic v3.30
  • SA-1 Pack v1.40
  • PIXI v1.32
  • BSNES v115
Added enemy to the tag list.

Though I wished that certain features were customisable with extra bytes, this nonetheless is an interesting sprite, particularly with the customisations available.

Edit: Specified the emulator I used to moderate this sprite.
 Anorakun From older version: Boomerang Dry Bones Link
Thanks for the fun sprite. It's what I expected. Also had a lot fun tinkering in the defines.
Apple Boy From older version: Boomerang Dry Bones Link
What if the bone vanished once they returned to the Dry Bones?
 Aram From older version: Boomerang Dry Bones Link
very cursed. 👍