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Snowy Field

SMW Graphics → Snowy Field

Submission Details

Name: Snowy Field
Author: Broozer
Version History: View
Type: Original
Purpose: Background
Slots Used: BG1
Palette Row(s) Used: 0, 3
Description: A background I had made a while ago, yet have never gotten around to submitting it until now. Basically, it is supposed to look like an open field covered with snow... being a field, it is obviously supposed to look sort of plain.

The ZIP file includes, aside from the actual graphics, .pal and .palmask files (palette), a sample level (MWL file), and obviously, a map16 file. Credit is not necessary, but would be appreciated. Regardless if you intend to credit me for this or not, though, have fun. ^_^
Tags: forest ice
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Comments (1)

 Ayami Link
very welcome update, this submission is now up to standards
for the record, the .map16 was named Map16 [Page 42] which may be misleading since it's actually the page 82, so I just renamed it during moderation (I also updated the submission description a bit)