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Super Mario World Hacks → Octopus

Submission Details

Name: Octopus
Author: Joosh
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: Mario returns from the record store with his latest haul and puts on his used copy of Octopus by Gentle Giant. The music takes him on a journey.

8 levels with steadily increasing difficulty, inspired by the 8 songs from the album, each focusing on a different mechanic. Starts off easy, but ramps up in difficulty. No shell jumps or super advanced tech, and trolls are contained to one short level.

Version 3 Updates:
-Level tweaks to make difficulty more manageable and fun.
-Exploits have been removed.
-Credits have been updated to include everyone who has given me feedback.

I still can't figure out how to incorporate custom art as backgrounds. I would also like to incorporate midi's from the original album's songs as each level's music, but don't know how to do that either. If anyone would be willing to help with this, I would be extremely grateful!

Also, if anyone plans to stream the game, let me know! I'd love to watch.
Tags: vanilla
Comments: 12 (jump to comments)
3.8 (5 ratings)
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Comments (12)

Marc_D92 Link
Solid hack, thanks for creating it
Tripii Link
A good first hack. Some parts felt tighter than necessary for a beginner.

- Favourite level was boys in the band: Good ol' Platforming
- Least favourite was Knots: The boulder you drop down to after spin jumping off the koopa had a tendency to double bounce mario and throw you in to a muncher, felt like RNG or could possibly be how your positioned on the boulder. Ultimately, frustrating as I felt I was doing what the section asked of me, but failing anyway.

Great Job, thank you!

GLHF #smw{:peace:}
 Alex Link
Removed the kaizo: intermediate difficulty, given that this hack indicates every movement and none of the obstacles were a challenge at all. Changed the exit count to 7 because the final level does not count as an exit. Also, replaced your screenshots with proper ones, taken directly from the emulator (f12 key).
NastyTriangle Link
I only played 4 levels but ultimately quit because I wasn't enjoying it. Felt like the precision required was higher than I'd expect for beginner. But i played the older version not the current one.
redcoupe87 From older version: Octopus Link
After watching these be played for a while, I finally setup everything and this was the first one I've ever played. I don't have any experience to comment or critique, some of the comments share some of my sentiment technically, but I really enjoyed it and is a good intro for someone like me to this world.
Joosh Author From older version: Octopus Link
I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm making changes for a new, improved version. I also recommend Lush_50's Nightmare Cafe series, Oops! All Fortresses, and Love Yourself for new players.
 blueribbonhighlife From older version: Octopus Link
Definitely has some expected "first hack" elements. Cool concept and found the gameplay to be a fun time, with the exception of the
yoshi level. The fly section after growing the yoshi, and the tight timer, was tough relative to most of this hack and tough for the category. It feels more intermediate but also feels like it does not respect the player's time.
Thanks for making!
Joosh Author From older version: Octopus Link
I am working on redoing the
yoshi section
to make it more fun.
RXDARK From older version: Octopus Link
Decent hack. All levels were good, except for one. This hack might have also needed some more playtesting.
- In the fourth level, at the section shown in screenshot 5 you can use the music block to jump to the slope, skipping the entire section basically
- In the fifth level you can skip the first moving platform by spin jumping
- The sixth levels second half is kinda insufferable, the gameplay doesn't really flow well at all
- One question about the seventh levels second half, are you supposed to go back to the left after hitting the switch or was that a troll? I just P-Switched jumped into the wall
Joosh Author From older version: Octopus Link
Thanks for pointing out those things. This is my first hack. I can make some changes in an updated version to improve it.
I agree about the second section of level 6, I had a hard time coming up with something creative and beginner friendly to do with Yoshi. I'll rework it. In level 7 You are supposed to think that hitting the message box is the solution to the puzzle, but it will tell you to go to the right. You happened to stumble on the correct solution to beat the level.
 shovda From older version: Octopus Link
This submission originally stated there were 9 exits, but Katun24 and I were only able to find 8, so I'm changing it to 8 unless a 9th becomes apparent.
Joosh Author From older version: Octopus Link
Sorry, when you exit the credits level (Gentle Giant) the title screen displays 9 on your next save. There are only 8 levels.