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Super Mario World Hacks → Naughtyworld

This file contains crude content, crude language, and suggestive dialogue. Discretion is advised.

Submission Details

Name: Naughtyworld
Authors: JUMP Team, Kevin, idol
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 116 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: Christmas - the most wonderful times of the year. Some love it, some hate it. On January 22nd, 2024, a mysterious item dropped, called "Naughtyworld", or "NAUGHTYWORLD" (depending on tone). This item is considered a 116 exit romhack, celebrating all things Christmas. Some things celebrated in this item include: Santa, Reindeer, Winter, Giving, Gifts, Celebration, Dinner, Jesus, Friendship. This item consists of a yin and yang split, in which yin (nice) and yang (naughty) each embody a different aura. Yin, also known as NICEWORLD, consists of a few levels in which members of JUMP TEAM partook in a creation process for each other (SECRET SANTA), over a period of a week. These levels were made out of love. The yang (NAUGHTYWORLD) envelopes the rest of this item, in which levels were made in under 2 hours through challenge-rounds with prompts. You may view these prompts in the item.

NAUGHTYWORLD takes place 15 years before EFFORT WORLD. In this world, we celebrate Christmas on December 24th, 25th, or 26th. We take time to appreciate each other and it shows through the levels that find themselves home in this environment. Levels range from different environments such as winter, snow, and mountains. A strong emphasis on Santa, and Jesus, go hand in hand. This designation is important for the general focus of this item. Investigations of this item have shown it to overlap with the intended focuses of Christmas, as a non-religious time of celebration and acknowledgement of each other.

LEVELS within this item generally may contain EXGFX, Custom Sprites, Custom ASM, and other formats that EFFORT WORLD did not allow. This provides a more thorough holiday experience through the usage of more accurate CHRISTMAS-oriented themings and flavors. Such as: levels involving snowmen, snowwomen, Santa (represented through various forms, creatively, such as a Mega Mole), and one should prepare to experience non-vanilla flavors through the experience of this item. Levels throughout this experience may vary in difficulty, but, much in the spirit of Christmas, an emphasis on kindness was emphasized. Furthermore, this item was created over a period of a month and 12 days, and accurately represents the time span between these two dates.

"The Christmasiest one we've ever done" was the motto for this item, and this is the long-awaited sequel to previous JUMP TEAM hacks. This item features storehouses, level information menus which feature the author names and prompts in which generated the levels focuses provided, a global retry system, as well as the ability to watch your favorite content creators play the levels. This item saves everywhere on the overworld, allowing you to leave and experience a Christmas tingling sensation at a later point of time. You may use slowdown or savestates, so long as you are honest about it when reporting back to Santa.

You find yourself in World 1, in a quaint-but-homely cabin. Levels recreate the feelings of a taste of turkey (or tofurkey), fuzzy socks, being-in-your-feels, the TV is playing Charlie Brown and you understand. These levels were made in containment within the JUMP TEAM Christmas Environment, hosted on an offshore server. This was done to ensure safety during the CHRISTMAS process.

You may unlock various paths throughout this item, which will provide a dynamic and engaging experience to the player depending on their moral choices. Research on this item has shown that extended periods of engagement has led to unsavory choices & differences in ideologies. Hold with care.

There is truth in nature & in the natural surroundings of various animals held in their cages at the zoo. Some of these animals - the tiger, the lion, the mighty gorilla - all hold a natural inhibition to Christmas. We choose to develop pathways and networks in Naughtyworld to further exemplify an understated knowledge in animal physiology & work ethic rhetoric. What this means, when broken down, is simple - levels are welcomed into your heart, you play them much like the tiger knows to hunt, or knows how to be free in the wild. Yet we see containment, like a vessel, with Christmas wrapping paper and a bow around it. We ask people only open these levels during a Christmas or festive period.

Before you proceed to access this item, we are proud to share insider-streamer testimonials from our front-line testers, who we were grateful for their honest & forward opinions on this item:

"(slams desk} This is buuuuuuuulshit!!! It;s just spam at this point. I feel like standard it's way easier to make this bullshit than kaizo. Seriously. "Did you like the God of War Valhalla dlc?" Yeah i thought it was very intereswting" - BabarousKing
"This is a super cool hack i loved this level" - stucat

Levels within this item range from "Standard: Very Easy" to "Standard: Very Hard", although we have avoided the tenuous grasp of "Kaizo: Beginner-Expert" (nee: Light). We choose to save these levels for Czaristmas World, which will not be shared publicly. But within this product you may find a fluctuation in difficulty and pattern recognition, through the forms of various palettes, items, and puzzles. We allowed GbreezeSunset to leave containment and design to the hearts content, "A Gbreeze Designs Out of The Christmas Box" was the primary motto for this hack. With this in mind, we ask you to understand when the screen is not understandable, that you give grace and choose to meet it on its level to fully understand it. A worm knows it lives in dirt for it knows the feel of dirt.

Furthermore, we acknowledge the viscous nature of some of the statements shared. We have received numerous questions about whether "BarbalousKing" or "stucat" have truly provided their opinions on this item. One would assume we would be bluffing, perhaps to make fools of them. Maybe to start a turf war, on Christmas of all days. But the truth is calming and freeing, and it is that we show admiration to the medium known as "Content Creation", in which a play is performed for the sake of an audience whose works you may observe through the online mediums. There is a kindness in performance & in consideration for the roles on plays, and to provide Christmas levels to be enjoyed by others was the primary motto for this item. And beyond this, we are able to confirm with certainty they did provide the messages stated.

This item was produced with the unfortunate knowledge that this will be the second last item JUMP TEAM ever produces. This team has been around since 2016, and as the core group ages - we understand our lives are becoming to take focus & our priorities are shifting. Christmas may only last 365 days once a year. With one more item in the pipeline, we look upon our sunset years. This is what Christmas is mostly all about.

This item may contain blasphemous, highly erotic, seductive, violent and suggestive imagery unsuitable for minors. This was done to ensure an accurate Christmas environment was attained. If you choose to stream this item, we ask you be responsible and cover the screen with your hands if you see something that concerns you. A car crashes like any other object, the shock value is the knowledge of the human life it carries.

0.01 - 12/25/1985: Oldest member of JUMP TEAM celebrates their first CHRISTMAS. a seed is planted.
1.00 - 12/25/2023: NAUGHTYWORLD is released.
1.01 - 1/22/2024: General bugfixes, missing paths connected, blasphemous content reconsidered & adjusted.
1.02 - 1/22/2024 at 09:02am: Fixed a water entrance in "Christmas Fever - a Tale of Two Apostles"
1.03 - 2/13/2024: Fixed submap path error. removed christmas references
2.00 - 12/25/2024: NAUGHTYWORLD is removed.
Tags: asm bosses christmas crude content crude language exgfx exploration holiday mature content music religious suggestive dialogue variety
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2.5 (11 ratings)
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Comments (44)

manurmad Link
Hi, I made an account just to ask if I could get a link to the Plastic Love port that gets played in one of the underwater levels. (that's the best description I can give because I haven't seen the game in months now, all the VODs got deleted and I can't find the level on youtube)
It's not this, but it's similar. Link
Overall this hack was delightful, and the jump team collabs are generally my favorite things to play through - Although effortworld wasn't great, it seems like the extra time here really helped make some wonderful levels.

I know it was made by a group, but even for a snow/winter/xmas hack I started to feel like "can we let off on ice physics please"
And again, multiple people - how did yall as a group decide to put venus fire traps in basically every pipe? If you removed 9/10 firetraps you'd be halfway there.

There are SO many doors where you are deathlocked if the donut block drops. Maybe just... put hard stuff under doors, generally?

I was unable to find all exits, and wrapped at 108. There are no completion markers or anything for stages other than often difficult to intepret pathing, but I am for sure missing green switch palace and a lower portion in the backroomsexit(new) blue, south of the water level path. I would also recommend if you are going to do nonsense on the map, use an indicator for all exits. Would appreciate hints if anyone knows where I missed 'em.

Overall though, very good, 4/5. I always have a lot of fun with the diversity offered from collaborative hacks.
Minish Yoshi Link
Have you looked
in Yoshi's House
? Getting
the exit there that isn't the keyhole unlocks a branch on the overworld with some more levels.
CornerClip Link
Game has denuvo-tier DRM anti-cheat affecting its performance. 1/10.
Green Link
Green Jerry Link
You're the same person that commented on Six Pack, claiming about anti-cheat or code obfuscation.
You need to get a better emulator, or get a better computer that can run an accurate emulator without slowdown.
 AmperSam Link
You've made a comment similar to this on other hacks. Whatever you are playing on must not be able to handle hacks that use SA-1 because that has been the common thread in all of them. I'd suggest getting a better emulator or changing its settings.
 Sugar Link
This hack uses SA1 chip to allow having more sprites to appear at once. Emulation of SA1 is more demanding as its CPU is four times as fast as the regular SNES CPU, so some computers may not be able to handle it.

I encourage checking other games that use SA1 chip, such as Super Mario RPG, Kirby Super Star or Kirby's Dream Land 3. If you experience performance issues in those games, then your computer is too slow to play hacks that use SA1.

You may try using Snes9x if possible, or if Snes9x from Tools section is too slow, use Snes9x-2010 in RetroArch as it's less demanding.

As for cheats, SA1 changes the RAM layout, as such some won't work, however they can be made to work with small tweaks. If you have a Pro Action Replay cheat, then:

- if it starts with 7E00 then replace 7E00 with 0030 instead.
- if it starts with 7E, but isn't followed by 00, then replace 7E at the start with 40 instead.
- if it starts with anything else, then no changes are necessary.

For instance, if you have a cheat like 7E147105, then it needs to be rewritten as 40147105. Similarly, a cheat like 7E001902 becomes 00301902.
Romano338 Link
That feel when your hack was rejected back in the days for ONE cutoff
 idol Author Link
sad day
Stucat Link
This is a super cool hack i loved this level!
Papangu Link
finally 116/116 exits

my rate is 4/5
Barbarian Link
When I started this hack, I wasn't sure what to expect. The path I ended up taking on the overworld led me to a fairly long series of some pretty mean, seemingly spiteful levels. I contemplated stopping briefly before continuing. In the end, I'm mostly glad I did continue. Buried in the rough are quite a few truly brilliant, truly fun levels. Despite more than a few maddening moments, I'm glad I played this hack.

If this truly is the penultimate entry from the JUMP team, I'd like to say thank you for years of amazing levels and hard work with your hacks. You're all extremely talented and, when you want to, you make some truly amazing levels that are an inspiration to anyone who loads up Lunar Magic.
 underway Link
Reminds me of the part of Capitalist Realism where Fisher just rants about movies for a while. What can I say, I think he put it best when he said "The proliferation of auditing culture in post Fordism indicates that the demise of the big Other has been exaggerated."

TheKazooBloccGosh Link
I just got a game crash in
when I exit the level (via retry prompt); I just lost a ton of progress, it hurts a lot #smw{T_T}
I think I'm gonna stop with the hack (99 exits done).

Well unfortunate (good I hope) review time:
It looks like a few of czaristmas levels somehow end up in the hack (like
The Kuso Reindeer
for example (but I think it's only those 2 maybe).

Most of the levels are at least good (even if very unusual), but a few ones are just very bad (like
liminal jesus xmas

Unfortunately the quality goes way worse at the final level, as unfairness rises a ton, I lost having fun there. (and the crash)

Niceworld is almost all fun (but the troll at
Inexorable Plasm's end of the 1st half
is the worst kind of troll, the one you can't learn on death (
invisible enemies

Overall even if there's mostly good levels, I can't recommand as the finale became like "YUMP 1 2" (which I dislike) unlike the rest of naughtyworld which is like "effortworld 2".

Rating: 2/5
 idol Author Link
wild, none of us ever encountered a crash there and cant recreate it. do you have other details ? (what were u playing on, where in the level was it, etc)
TheKazooBloccGosh Link
I was in one of the rooms of the hub after the switching color hub one. (I was using SNES9x 1.62.3)
I have a savestate of the crash, can I share it? (I don't know if it's allowed)
 idol Author Link
yea you can share it
TheKazooBloccGosh Link
There is the savestate, I hope this helps!
TheXander Link
Good hack, is all I can say for this! #tb{:)}
Panther-T Link
Originally posted by Daizo Dee Von
Nonsense ain't JUMP Team, actually.

I know, but there's definite overlap between them in terms of authors who've worked on levels in both hacks. The difference is the clear level of quality control in Nonsense (despite its faults) vs. whatever the hell this hack is supposed to be.

It seems like this was made more as a parody and internal joke vs. something meant to actually be enjoyed by players in a blind playthrough.
Daizo Dee Von Link
As a creator, this was the most fun hack I've partaken in. The rounds I was able to partake in had me scrambling to make a level in the short amount of time I was given per prompt. Sometimes you interpreted something as simple as "use this enemy" to interpreting an entire summary of an episode from a TV show.

But as a player, you'll begin to realize that the very "raw" level design that many of us came up with can be borderline unhinged in both aesthetics and difficulty. This is definitely a hack you need to keep in mind the "context" of while playing. This hack contains level design that's cut right from the cow, and it's not for everyone.

An admittedly bias 3/5.
EntySky Link

How are you? wait koopa red fixed level youtube exit 2 - 3? (Shell House DC)
Panther-T Link
Complete trash.

I had high hopes after mostly enjoying Nonsense. I don't understand why the Jump team is regressing in level design and it's sad to see after Yump 2, Jump, and Jump 1/2. This honestly shouldn't be accepted on this site since it breaks several commonly accepted best practices.


Don't play this garbage.
 idol Author Link
sdace Link
it's good actually
Daizo Dee Von Link
Nonsense ain't JUMP Team, actually.
mhayes1255 Link
Whether a hack is bad or not there are right and wrong ways to show if you like a hack or not. Calling something people work on for free for your entertainment complete trash, is incredibly rude and just flat out wrong to do. If it's not your cup of tea don't play it or try giving constructive criticism without being a jerk about it. Just some food for thought.
Mohamad20ZX Link
I wasn't expecting yet another colab hack but regardless you out did yourselves jump team keep hoping for a better life
Jolpengammler Link
TheKazooBloccGosh Link
25/Jan/2024 Edit: I think I was in a pretty bad mood when I played this hack, it's too harsh than it should. I will try writing a better review...

Rating: 2-/5 I can't unvote sorry! (Old rating)
thekiller678 Link
Interesting hack, seems a little bit to trollish on some parts to be worth the effort but still has some fun difficult parts.
lil_div_selector Link
The politics of this hack is somewhat interesting. On one hand I kinda empathize... you dedicated a good portion of your free time (for years) to making stuff that was only ever intended for people as obsessed with this game as we are, only to find yourself in the current Mario romhack landscape where these games are just shoveled dirt for someone that was sick of playing them years ago. I do get that. And I do think there is a place for Dadaist statements with interesting politics. But I do somewhat feel like its become overly predictable from this community. Dada was a short lived movement because it made its point (or lack of one perhaps?) and moved on.
eltiolavara9 Link
"Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow." -Steve jobs
(ok seriously while im a very big fan of the deranged jump team hacks, i'm kind of hoping the final one is somewhat more polished)
crocodileman94 Link
Finally a christmas hack with huge amounts of love and effort put into it.
sdace Link
Woww.... just wow. 116 exits, and they're all good. This must have taken a lot of effort, but it was worth it.
Morsel Link
Oh, I see this has been released. Although I contributed some things to it, I watched its development with increasing dismay. JUMP Team was once the friendly face of sadism. It cared about standards and what other people thought of it. It is now devoted to the sort of modern 'art' that involves smearing your own excrement on to somebody else's wall. Humour is not to be found in the soulless inanities of the artifical intelligence machine. Nor will you hear the echo of a laugh after screaming 'cunt' into the abyss. When the tide of faith has retreated from the earth, all that will be left is the abomination of desolation.
aaa Link
I can't help but realize that everything this hack does goes against design standards this website used to enforce a decade ago.
Really sad to see that what used to be shunned upon and would never have been accepted back then is now being submitted by a website admin.
TheKazooBloccGosh Link
Uhh, in
backroomsexit (new)
, is it normal the checkpoint level entrance doesn't have water mode? I can't go in the pipe up there...
 idol Author Link
no it must have been a christmas unmiracle. fixed and spayed, redownload if you need to
TheKazooBloccGosh Link
 Katerpie Link
Ho ho ho! Naughty Christmas!
UTF Link
But I'm only 28 exits into Effortworld #smrpg{gasp}

I still need to beat that one so I can understand the lore of Naughtyworld... I have to say that it's pretty funny to drop a 116-exit hack on an unsuspecting SMWCentral userbase. Truly, the Standard Very Hard crowd have been feasting well recently.
Daizo Dee Von Link
This is the christmas hack of all time. It has a good variety of levels for the naughty children of the world. It's an instant 10/10 for those who deserve what they got.