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Häschen [hɛʃn̩]

Super Mario World Hacks → Häschen [hɛʃn̩]

Submission Details

Name: Häschen [hɛʃn̩]
Authors: Darkdlp02, EliteBellic, FazeMeisterMauch, Luks, Mauls, Reggiamoto, Stinky
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 28 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Your Mission
- Get Yosh -

This is a collab hack made by our friend group "Die Konfi", with most of the content being done in 2015 and 2016. Since the project was never officially finished it was still at the back of my mind, so after almost ten years I decided to fix the most egregious problems with it and finally complete it.

Since the levels were made so long ago they do no longer reflect the current abilities of the people involved, but I hope it can still be a fun little playthrough.
Tags: hdma less exgfx music traditional variety
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Comments (3)

 BeeKaay Link
Difficulty changed to Standard: Hard.

I enjoyed this for the most part. Some thoughts:

- The difficulty curve was uneven. In particular, the second-to-last level was a surprisingly steep difficulty spike, and I didn't care for its brand of difficulty: the line-guided platform often zips you forward too quickly for you to react to the obstacle ahead. The final level was another steep difficulty spike and was responsible for almost half my play time.
- The game tracked dragon coin sets per level, but didn't seem to do anything else with them (e.g. locked levels or other unlockables). The fact that you had to get them all in one go made getting them all quite difficult in some levels, so I stopped getting them. If they were used for something, it would have been nice to have a different save system for them (e.g. saving each coin individually like JUMP).
crocodileman94 Link
Is it a demo now?
SMW Magic Link