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Vast Minutiae

Super Mario World Hacks → Vast Minutiae

Submission Details

Name: Vast Minutiae
Author: GlitchCat7
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: "Minutiae" (pronounced "min-ew-sha") is a word similar to "trivia". It refers to the small, precise, or trivial details of something; as in - "the minutiae of everyday life".

This hack clawed its way out of my brain and onto the screen. I hadn't really set out to make it in the first place but here it is nonetheless. This hack is uncompromisingly difficult, in part because (CW) it is a large metaphor about living with, and overcoming depression.

It is not my intent to be cruel, or to make horrible creations that torture players. I set a challenge for myself to "create an SMW hack that actually expresses something emotional" and to see how far I could test my own skills at this game.

I wanted to design something unlike my previous works and to that end, this is a "precision" hack. An archaic style, to be sure, but one that is very dear to me. I enjoy the intense emphasis on a single jump or movement - the 'vast minutiae' of subtle platforming techniques; a test of articulate character control.

I'd recommend practicing this hack with save-states before attempting an RTA clear; or just playing with save-states for fun. I certainly had this advantage when I made the game, and you ought to have it as well. To be sure, I have personally RTA cleared the entire game. There are no secret exits, puzzles, codes, or trolls.

Please check the enclosed "credits" file for a full list of music and graphics used. I recognize that this work might have a very limited audience of players who are specifically seeking such a tough challenge - but for those players I hope you enjoy yourselves. Thanks to this community for being such a bright light in this vast world.

Edit 2/16/24 - Fixed a minor problem with the OW. The game is *not* intended to be an open overworld. After level 4, you could just walk to the subsequent levels because the flags were set incorrectly. Fixed that. (Hopefully!)

Edit 4/2/24 - Levels did not have a save prompt upon completion. Bit of an oversight on my part. This has been corrected.
Tags: exgfx music precision
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Comments (3)

 YouFailMe Link
A very difficult but extremely rewarding hack. It requires an absolute mastery of SMW movement and control. Although I didn't use save states to practice, I do encourage players to heed the words of the author and be open to practicing. If you enjoy precision and feel you've mastered the SMW physics engine, I highly encourage you to give this a try. This will certainly go down as one of the most memorable hacks I've played and the most rewarding grind I've done since Trans Liberation Forever. Thank you to GlitchCat for making and sharing this with everyone :)
wavesymphony Link
A beautiful hack from a great developer, Vast Minutiae is a wonderful story and also a fine wine, best sipped rather than drunk. The music and aesthetics take you into this world, allowing for so much emersion. I cannot recommend this hack enough.

Just always remember, "This is not for you."
MarsAmPear Link
I had the pleasure of studying and practicing this pre-release. I question whether I’ll ever beat it in full, but I sincerely hope to one day. This is a masterful collection of fresh takes and new explorations. Glitch has once again shown us how it’s really done. In contrast to the way Search for Salmon tends to present you with variance in timing and alignment to suggest you be improvisationally good at a technique, the majority of this hack is static and all but requires incredibly specific, consistent movements across attempts. Take this with a grain of salt from someone who hasn’t beaten it yet, but it feels like the hardest one I’ve ever played, and I would expect it to be as challenging for high-level players today as Salmon was in 2018. Very few hacks are being made this bold. A solid quarter of the setups herein I wouldn’t have previously assumed possible. Hell, there are even some I had personally tried using in levels but figured weren’t viable. Consequently, this has inspired me to keep experimenting with other stuff I’d given up on before. It’s been a real paradigm shift for me as a designer and as a player. I have a ton of respect for this hack and what it represents and I recommend it to anyone who’s got either the patience to tool it or the expertise to beat it. If you’ve been sitting at the top of the mountain waiting for something new and cool to sink your teeth into… here it is!