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Chargin' Chuck

Sprites SMW → Chargin' Chuck

Détails de la soumission

Nom: Chargin' Chuck
Auteur: mikeyk
Ajouté le:
Outil: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamique: Non
Démontage: Oui
Graphismes Inclus: Non
Description: MikeyK's disassembly of Chargin' Chuck from Super Mario World

Setting the extra bit gives it infinite HP, meaning you can jump on it endlessly.
Étiquettes: chargin' chuck chuck lorom sa-1
Commentaires: 6 (aller aux commentaires)
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commentaires (6)

 RussianMan Lien
a couple of things:
-ASM file incorrectly states that setting extra bit will make it die in custom number of stomps, while in reality it becomes immune to stomps
-when destroying blocks, it gives shatter sprites incorrect speed values
Pitchin' Luigi Lien
what does mean disassembly?
AntiDuck Lien
It would be nice for this to have more commenting on the ASM code, so that others would know more about what parts of the code do what exactly. Like what configures it's speed, it's different modes such as baseball, clapping, etc. and many more. There's not much indication of what the code does unless one is already experienced enough with ASM.
 Erik Lien
Setting the extra bit means setting it to 3, not 2.
Lespna1 Lien
I don't get it. I inserted it as sprite 88, and then in extra bit, I put 2, but when I jump on it three times, it dies like the regular one. Am I missing something? I inserted it w/PIXI.
HammerBrother Lien
does this have a "damage indicator" for fireballs (as in, it plays the boss damage sfx on contact)?