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Kirby Boss

SMW Sprites → Kirby Boss

Submission Details

Name: Kirby Boss
Author: HuFlungDu
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: A Kirby boss. It will move between the left and right edges of the screen in various different ways, such as walking or jumping. It can also shoot fire. Mario must jump on it to damage it. When it dies, it will fall down.

Check the ASM file for customization options.
Tags: boss dash fire fireball jump jump and run jumping kirby lorom run running sa-1 walk
Comments: 16 (jump to comments)
3.8 (5 ratings)
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Comments (16)

HammerBrother Link
Be careful that this boss lacks any I-frames or a period of time that the boss have a cooldown before being able to take damage, so by performing low-bounces, you can repeatedly damage the boss and quickly defeat it.
 Fernap Link
Updated to work around the crash reported by several people below. This was due to a bug in snes9x's sa-1 division code.
yoshi3706 Link
crashing when kirby is on the right :(
Power_Boii Link
same here, it crashes in the mid fight.
Apple Boy Link
same here, it crashes before the fight even starts!
RichardDS90 Link
This crashes when on the right sometimes, it seems to only happen on SNES9x. This may need updating.
RichardDS90 Link
This crashes when on the right sometimes, it seems to only happen on SNES9x. This may need updating.
Roy_Maluco Link
Um chefe bem bacana
SmokyShroom Link
He's not as traditionally 'pastel pink' as he usually appears but I presume this can be edited manually
 Telinc1 Link
Updated again. Added more tags.

The sprite can once again end the level. The original sprite modified the SubOffScreen to end level if it despawns. Frankly, that's a little dodgy, but I made it mimic the same functionality (except outside of SubOffScreen so it can still be a shared routine).
Mogu94 Link
Thank you for making the RNG better, telinc1.
 Telinc1 Link
Quite a neat boss sprite, however, I'd say it's too easy on its own. I recommend adding more obstacles around it.

Converted to PIXI and added SA-1 compatibility. I made it quite a bit easier to customize and rewrote the RNG routine so it produces better numbers. The old one could be easily manipulated (Mario's position was essentially half the seed) and got stuck into flipping between two numbers unless it was externally seeded properly.
Oztrum Link
How can I make him shoot fire?
TheOrangeToad Link
if you use the Minimalist Course Clear patch beat the kirby boss it will crash the game so make a fix for that.
EpicRedToad101 Link
Never mind, it uses the unused black area under Mario/Luigi's Pallet.
EpicRedToad101 Link
What pallet do I use for Kirby to make him pink? (when I play, he looks black.) I mean what pallet does he use?