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Giant Beetle Boss

SMW Sprites → Giant Beetle Boss

Submission Details

Name: Giant Beetle Boss
Author: dahnamics
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: A giant Buzzy Beetle boss, inspired by SMWCP. It will wait for Mario to approach it, after which it will spin in its shell and chase him. When it hits a wall, a rock will drop down. If Mario grabs the rock and tosses it at the boss, it will turn upside-down and expose its underside, which Mario can jump on to damage it.

By default, it takes 5 hits to defeat. Its attacks will become more aggressive after 2 hits. After defeating it, it will charge to the left and die when it hits the wall.

If the extra bit is set, the level will end when the boss dies.

Check the ASM files for configuration options.
Tags: beetle boss buzzy beetle cave cave level follow follow player following lorom rock rocks sa-1
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Comments (4)

GlitchyR-01 Link
Really good boss!
Dark Mario Bros Link
looks like the giand koopa boss, but better and easier
 Telinc1 Link
Converted to PIXI and added SA-1 compatibility. Some customization options have been added and the sprite clipping has been tweaked to be more accurate.
DreadDLorD44 Link
Nice !