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Laser Suit

Sprites para SMW → Laser Suit

Detalhes da Submissão

Nome: Laser Suit
Autores: KPhoenix, wiiqwertyuiop
Ferramenta: Romi's Spritetool
Tipo: Padrão (Standard)
Dinâmico: Não
Disassembly: Não
Gráficos Inclusos: Sim
Descrição: This is a Laser Suit powerup.
This one is actually a sprite instead of a patch.
R shoots and you hold up to fly, but you can change this in the laser_gen.asm

Forgot to include the palette file.
Marcadores: lorom remoderation
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Comentários (4)

Qwerty13x Link
huzaif Link
Can Someone Convert This To Pixi?
Soul Link
Run it through Trashkas and sa-1 convert if you are using SA-1
MrMartley64 Link
AEWSOME!!! Now we can prove the theory right WITHOUT doing the weird trick in Top secret area!