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Portable Bill Blaster

SMW Sprites → Portable Bill Blaster

Submission Details

Name: Portable Bill Blaster
Author: Ersanio
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: No
Description: This is a bullet bill blaster you can carry. Once you grab the blaster, it'll start shooting projectiles straight-forward which can hurt enemies and interact with blocks. Useful as a pseudo-powerup! More information in readme and portableblaster.asm

You can see a demonstration of this sprite here.
Tags: bullet lorom pacifist shooter
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Comments (2)

yogui Link
Some notes for those who wants to use it :
- The sprite is not SA-1 compatible. You can use the SA-1 convert tool on it, but you will also have to change one more thing: In bullet_bill_friendly.asm, on line 153 change LDY.b #$0B to LDY.b #$15 (so it checks for 22 sprite slots instead of 12).
- If you are right next to a block, the bullet will not interact with the block but with the block above or behind. You can change the position of the generated bullets so they spawn further back, by changing the following in Portableblaster.asm:
On line 30, replace the X_OFFSET from db $03^$FF,$03 to db $0A^$FF,$0A
On line 99-100, replace CLC : ADC X_OFFSET,y by SEC : SBC X_OFFSET,y
On line 109, replace ADC X_OFFSET2,y by SBC X_OFFSET2,y
This will allow the bullet to interact with blocks when you're right next to it and holding the blaster.
However, when the bullet spawn, they will briefly appears behind Mario.
- If you want the sprite to have unlimited use, delete line 139 in Portableblaster.asm (DEC !BulletCounter,x)
- When the bullet interact with walls offscreen, it still generate the smoke effect, which can appears at the wrong place. To remove the smoke effect if the bullet is offscreen, in bullet_bill_friendly.asm on line 106-107 replace JSR Show_smoke and RTS by these four lines:
LDA !15A0,x
JSR Show_Smoke ;smoke
TheBiob Link
Updated to use shared subroutines. Also added tags.