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    Last Bible III

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    Submission Details

    Name: Last Bible III
    Author: icrawfish
    Submitted: by  icrawfish
    Collection: Compilation
    Description: A collection of all the samples used in the soundtrack of Last Bible III. Contains a hefty 109 samples total.
    Tags: accordion alto sax bubble choir oohs church organ claves closed hi-hat contrabass cowbell crash cymbal distortion guitar drawbar organ dulcimer finger bass flute french horn glockenspiel guitar fret harmonica jingle bell kick marimba music box muted guitar oboe open conga open hi-hat orchestral harp overdriven guitar pan flute polyphonic polysynth pad reed organ ride cymbal shakuhachi side stick sine wave sitar snare steel guitar string ensemble synth bass synth choir synth strings synth tom synth vox tenor sax tom trumpet vibraphone whistle xylophone
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