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    Crash Team Racing - The North Bowl

    SMW Music → Crash Team Racing - The North Bowl

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     Ahrion Link
    Sample folder name and path variable changed to differentiate from other Crash Team Racing ports.
    Pink Gold Peach Author Link
    I used a single folder for all battle arenas as they share a lot of samples
     Ahrion Link
    This was done to avoid confusing hackers who use multiple ports with the same folder name and to better handle updates if a sample from one of these ports is edited.
    Pink Gold Peach Author Link
    Alright, are you able to silently update Lab Basement and Nitro Court to make these changes as these two were already accepted and still have the folder named "CTRBattleArenas" (and do the same with Parking Lot when you get to it)
     Ahrion Link
    Sure I can do that.